Overwatch Reddit speculates vast cost of Overwatch 2 skins

Overwatch Reddit has calculated how much it may cost to buy all the legendary, epic, and rare OW1 skins in Overwatch 2, making Blizzard’s FPS pretty pricey

Overwatch Reddit speculates vast cost of Overwatch 2 skins: Mercy from Overwatch

Overwatch Reddit has used the reported cost of legendary, epic, and rare skins in Overwatch 2 to calculate an estimate of how much you may have to spend if – as a new player to the Blizzard FPS – you want to acquire all the original Overwatch cosmetics for the full hero roster in OW2 – and the speculated price is pretty high.

Reddit user Loliscoolyay4me posts a comprehensive table listing all the Overwatch heroes alongside how many legendary, rare, and epic skins they each have, as well as victory poses, voice lines, sprays, emotes, and highlight poses. As Overwatch 2 is free to play, cosmetics of this nature are purchasable via microtransactions, which are completed using Overwatch Coins. Using a price list that was originally reported by Forbes following a hands-on preview of Overwatch 2, which claims that 11,600 Overwatch Coins will cost $99.99 USD, or £89.99 approximately, Loliscoolyay4me calculates that a single dollar will get you 116.011 Overwatch Coins.

Using the same list, which claims legendary skins in Overwatch 2 will cost 1,900 coins, epic skins will be 1,000, and rare skins will be 300, Loliscoolyay4me performs some simple addition to start developing totals for the Overwatch heroes. All told, there are 362 legendary skins to be purchased across the entire Overwatch 1 hero roster. Loliscoolyay4me calculates, then, that if a new player to Overwatch 2 wanted to buy all of these items individually, they would need to spend 1,900 Overwatch Coins 362 times, for a dollar total of $5,928, or £5,293.

Incorporating the prices of epic skins, rare skins, and all other available cosmetics, Loliscoolyay4me concludes that in order to buy every Overwatch 1 cosmetic individually in Overwatch 2 a player would have to spend $12,080.69 USD, or £10,788.24, a considerable amount of money, given the cosmetics could be earned through play in Overwatch 1, after buying the game at retail.

However, is must be noted that the figures calculated by Loliscoolyay4me and posted to Reddit are based on skin prices that have not been confirmed in the final release version of Overwatch 2, which is due to arrive on October 4, and also do not account for skins that may be acquired through purchasing the Overwatch 2 battle passes, which grant players various cosmetics as well as spendable Coins. Blizzard has also confirmed that players will be able to transfer their cosmetic unlocks from Overwatch to Overwatch 2.

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