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All Overwatch 2 maps and game modes

Overwatch 2 maps feature the Escort, Push, Hybrid, and Control game modes, and include both new maps as well as returning Overwatch 1 locations.

Overwatch 2 maps: Ramattra, the Omnic tank hero making his debut in Overwatch 2 Season 2 alongside the Shambali Monastery Escort map.

If you’re looking for a list of all Overwatch 2 maps, then we’ve got you covered. Overwatch 2 brings back many of the maps from the previous game, several of which have been adjusted to give them a different feel.

Alongside all the new Overwatch 2 characters and its fresh-look 5v5 gameplay, we’ve got details on the Overwatch 2 battle pass rewards that can ensure you’re navigating the Overwatch 2 maps in style. If you’re just jumping in and getting your bearings in the free PC game, we’ve collected every new and returning map, plus what game modes can be played on each of them.

Overwatch 2 maps are available in several different modes: Control, Hybrid, Escort, and Push. These modes comprise the core Overwatch 2 experience for standard modes and competitive. There’s a much larger pool of maps that can be played in other modes like Assault, Deathmatch, and various Custom Games, but we’re not listing those to keep things simple.

Ahead of the latest season, we’ve got the full lowdown on the new and upcoming Overwatch 2 maps. Don’t expect any new maps coming with Overwatch 2 season 6 as it looks like the devs are focusing primarily on the new hero coming to the game.

All core Overwatch 2 maps

Here are all the maps in Overwatch 2:

  • Busan (Control)
  • Ilios (Control)
  • Lijiang Tower (Control)
  • Nepal (Control)
  • Oasis (Control)
  • Antarctica Peninsula (Control)
  • Circuit Royal (Escort)
  • Dorado (Escort)
  • Havana (Escort)
  • Junkertown (Escort)
  • Rialto (Escort)
  • Route 66 (Escort)
  • Shambali Monastery (Escort)
  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Escort)
  • Blizzard World (Hybrid)
  • Eichenwalde (Hybrid)
  • Hollywood (Hybrid)
  • King’s Row (Hybrid)
  • Midtown (Hybrid)
  • Numbani (Hybrid)
  • Paraiso (Hybrid)
  • Colosseo (Push)
  • Esperanca (Push)
  • New Queen Street (Push)

The full list of maps is closer to 40, but many of these are slight variations or deathmatch-specific matches that can only be played in Custom Games. You can head into the Custom Games menu and filter by map for a complete view of all the playing spaces. Overwatch 2 season 4 has altered the way maps selection works in competitive play – by removing the map pool system entirely, players can pick their favorite game mode maps whenever they want.

New Overwatch 2 maps

Many of those maps mentioned above are brand-new, so here’s a quick tour of the sequel’s fresh battlefields.

Overwatch 2 maps: An overview of the Antarctica Peninsula control map in the free PC game, featuring an icebreaker ship.

Antarctica Peninsula

The Antarctica Peninsula arrived in Overwatch 2 season 3, and is the latest control map to launch in the multiplayer game. This frosty landscape is the research base of peerless climatologist and enduring optimist Mei, and features a stunning aurora australis and free-roaming penguins. Given its theme, it certainly feels like an extension of the Ecopoint: Antarctica arena map that typically serves as the stage for the Overwatch Winter Wonderland events. However, the focal point for players fighting within the Antarctica Peninsula will undoubtedly be the enormous bow of the icebreaker ship, though we can also expect to duke it out in ice caves and underground industrial warehouses.

PCGamesN sat down with level designer Trey Spisak to talk about Antarctica Peninsula and what we might expect from this latest iteration of the control formula.

Overwatch 2 maps: The Shambali Monastery, an escort map that debuts as part of Overwatch 2 Season 2, which has served as the home for Omnics like Zenyatta and Ramattra after the Omnic Crisis.

Shambali Monastery

Released as part of Overwatch 2 season 2, Shambali Monastery serves as the only safe haven for displaced Omnics, sequestered in the Himalayas far from human civilization. At one point or another, it’s served as the home for Zenyatta, Genji, and Ramattra, among many other synthetic fugitives fleeing the Omnic Crisis. The Escort mission will take players along its winding paths, following in the footsteps of the Omnics before you.

Overwatch 2 New York map

Midtown, New York

Midtown, New York is available in Hybrid mode. Its roads run through and below Midtown Station and across the iconic Grand Central Station. The streets are littered with police cars and yellow taxis and the map features a pizza restaurant, mini market, laundrette, various coffee and DIY shops, a swanky hotel, and construction sites. The main attraction is the fire station, where you need to escort a fire truck through Midtown to win.

Overwatch 2 Rome map

Colosseo, Rome

The Rome-based Colosseo map is available in the new Push mode, and as well as Rome’s quaint, cobbled streets, you can also battle in and around the Colosseum. It’s quite enclosed compared to other Overwatch 2 maps, with courtyard gardens and small cafes, so expect some gladiator-style fighting and exquisite architecture. The best Overwatch 2 tank heroes are sure to help you stand your ground.

Overwatch 2 Toronto map

New Queen Street, Toronto

Toronto’s New Queen Street is available in the new Push mode. You can explore the subway and Union Station or take to the snowy streets and fight in one of the many cafes or restaurants, and trendy bars, including underground in the cute Egg House. Or, skip over the railway line to the Museum of Technology and the curling center.

Overwatch 2 Monte Carlo map

Circuit Royal, Monte Carlo

Set in Monte Carlo, Circuit Royal is available in Escort mode. As the sun sets, players can duke it out among the many poker tables and lavish hotels, with an F1 track running through the map. Teams must escort the Turbotron race car through the narrow roads to win.

Overwatch 2 map Paraiso - narrow city streets winding between several brightly-coloured houses

Paraiso, Rio de Janeiro

The Brazilian Paraiso map is a colorful Hybrid map where players have to push the payload through the winding streets of Rio de Janeiro. Blizzard says that it’s their largest map to date, and it’s certainly one of the most colorful on offer. Teams will have to be careful while moving through this map if you find yourselves too spread out, even the best Overwatch 2 support heroes may struggle to keep everyone alive.

Overwatch 2 map Esperança - a large white and gold mansion with cars parked outside

Esperança, Lisbon

The Esperança map, set in Lisbon, Portugal, is a Push map. It features long, open streets with some ideal sniper sight lines and plenty of indoor flanking routes that the best Overwatch 2 DPS heroes can take full advantage of while escorting the Push robot around its winding streets and riverbanks.

Those are all the new maps in Overwatch 2 right now. While more maps are expected, in the meantime, check out our Overwatch 2 tier list to find out whether newcomers such as Lifeweaver and Junker Queen are worth your time. We also have a guide on Overwatch 2 roles if you want to learn more about where your favorite hero fits into the team, as well as all the latest Overwatch 2 PvE release date news.

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