Overwatch 2’s PvE maps will be “larger and more complex” than before

AI robots waiting to fight

Blizzard is aiming to do more with Overwatch’s co-op missions by making larger maps and filling them with more varied foes for Overwatch 2. The developer goes into depth about how its tinkering with the TED engine it used to create Overwatch to make the sequel better. As laid out in a new blog post, one of the benefits of Blizzard’s work will be seen in the maps themselves.

“Overwatch 2’s PvE maps are larger and more complex than Overwatch maps like Retribution and Storm Rising,” Blizzard says. “That doesn’t just mean more distance to cover, but also longer missions involving more kinds of foes and more elaborate encounters. Adding enemy types leads to complex ability interactions between enemies and heroes–but also between the enemies themselves, like short-range and long-range units that coordinate their attacks.”

While Overwatch launched as a team-based shooter, it wasn’t long until Blizzard soon started to experiment with horde-style Player vs Environment encounters in event-exclusive modes. They’re harmless fun, and typically involve picking characters and whacking through a wave of goons before finishing the level.

The Overwatch 2 release date is still some time away, but details like Overwatch 2 talents are starting to emerge, so we can prepare somewhat, thankfully.

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