Overwatch 2 Reddit torn over adding team health bar display to PvP

The Overwatch 2 Reddit has been discussing the pros and cons of potentially giving supports in PvP the UI element of teammate health from PvE in the FPS game

The Overwatch 2 Reddit has been aflame with discussion, feedback, and players reviewing the first two weeks of the team-based hero shooter. There’s been some salt, sure, but many players just want to provide Blizzard with actionable feedback for its newest FPS game, as news of season one nerfs for a number of heroes starts rolling in. One particular point has recently picked up steam in the Overwatch 2 Reddit though, concerning giving players better access to team health statistics, like in the upcoming PvE game mode.

Despite PvE not actually releasing until sometime next year, a recent post from user DisciplineHead7005 suggests that the UI element seen in PvE, which shows each player’s health in the top corner, should be given to supports in the Overwatch 2 multiplayer.

“Can supports get their teams healthbars UI like it’s shown in PvE? I think this genuinely needs to be in the game, it would help a lot,” they write. This sentiment seems to have resonated with a lot of players on the Overwatch 2 Reddit, who seconded DisciplineHead’s comment and suggested they post it as feedback in the official Overwatch forum, which they’ve now done.

Naturally, debate has ensued about whether or not this feature should be added to the support class in the multiplayer game, and both sides raise some interesting points. “A part of the challenge of being a support is resource management. You’re supposed to be on the lookout for your teammates and who takes priority for your healing,” says one player. “It is a skill that you can be ‘better’ at and thus, the better player is likely to perform better in the game.”

To counter this, other players in the Overwatch 2 Reddit talk about how adding this UI element would raise the floor for all supports, making it easier to track health by having it in the same place on screen all game.

“Sure, the good players can already do it well but it’s nice for bad players to get some help with it,” adds another in favour of the idea. To me this is where the idea stands between people liking it or not, as adding a UI element for supports to always have team health in the corner would be of great help to new players, but it won’t be as needed for veterans.

Overwatch 2 does have a similar feature, but it isn’t on by default and isn’t fixed to one point of the screen. If you turn on the setting that makes your team always visible through walls, they’ll be blue when at full health with the colour changing as they take damage. Putting the extra UI element in for supports could add to this option, giving them even more information during a match. Like with the visible outlines through walls, it could also be a toggleable option, letting players have a cleaner UI if they so choose.

There’s no right or wrong answers here though, as it obviously depends on the context of the match and the skill of the players, but it’s an interesting discussion nonetheless. You can check out the Overwatch 2 Reddit thread and join the discussion yourself, if you want to.

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