Overwatch 2 skin highlights player issues with Blizzard monetisation

A free promotional Overwatch 2 skin is only available in Australian McDonald's, but it highlights some major problems players have with Blizzard's FPS game

Overwatch 2 skin highlights player issues with Blizzard monetisation: a close up of Tracer in Overwatch 2, with her spiked hair and orange goggles

A free Overwatch 2 skin is currently available for Blizzard’s FPS game, but it looks like you’ll need to jump through hoops (or on some planes) if you’re not in the right place to get it. While exclusive regional skins are nothing new for multiplayer games, this new Overwatch 2 skin is only available for one region of the world, and you need to be eating fast food to get it.

Here’s the rundown; an Overwatch 2 skin for Tracer is only available via McDonald’s, and it seems pretty concrete that you can only get it if you live in Australia too, shutting off a lot of players from getting the Overwatch 2 skin in the Blizzard game.

The real kicker comes in the fact that this isn’t even a new skin as such, as it bears a striking (and by ‘striking’ I mean ‘it’s exactly the same’) resemblance to another skin from the original Overwatch – the Lightning Tracer skin.

Whether or not you like the skins design makes no difference here, but it bears mentioning that a lot of Overwatch 2 players aren’t exactly enthralled by the fact that Blizzard is reusing the skin for an exclusive promotion, and what that could mean for more skins in a similar vein going forward.

The concerned sentiment appears to also stem from the current skin pricing model in Overwatch 2 as well. While it’s understandable that making a game free-to-play comes with its own set of challenges and changes, many think the current pricing model is greedy, and that reusing skins isn’t the way to go about it.

Epic skins cost 1000 in-game currency (worth around $20) while Legendary skins cost 1900 (worth around $10), couple this with a genuine concern that some of these skins are just basic recolours that can cost around $10, and you’ve got a lot of player concern. Yes there are some bundles on offer, but the value proposition in those isn’t great either.

That’s the long and short of this Overwatch 2 skin drama to be honest: it’s reused, and exemplifies how some skins feel overpriced or like basic colour reshaders, which doesn’t match how they’re being sold. Yes, the specific McDonald’s skin is free, only in Australia, but it’s part of a bigger problem for most players.

You can check out the Overwatch 2 McDonald’s Tracer skin deal here.

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