Have a high-res weekend with the 5 best remasters in PC gaming

Overwatch Retribution

It takes a lot for a remaster to get our attention in PC gaming, where a game is often just a graphics mod away from looking ten years younger. So you know the five we’ve highlighted in today’s episode of the Weekend Esc have seen some pretty impressive renovations. Join Alice and Rich for a rose-tinted jog down memory lane, and stick around for the news – it’s all going on in Overwatch.

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The changes kick into gear on Tuesday, when Overwatch goes to Venice for some PvE Retribution. But the build-up has started already, with a comic following the retaliatory kidnapping of a high-ranking Talon official. Honestly, they should’ve called this event Lore and Order.

Busy though Jeff Kaplan evidently is, he’s found time to play hundreds of hours of PUBG. So he’ll be chuffed about the upcoming PUBG patch that allows us to spectate our killers, just as we do in Fortnite.

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