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Overwatch’s Year of the Rooster update - all skins, emotes and cosmetics

Overwatch Chinese New Year skins and cosmetics

Overwatch’s latest seasonal event, Year of the Rooster, has begun. Along with some Chinese-themed skins, emotes and highlight intros, what else can we expect from it? We’ve compiled a list of everything included below, from the new Capture the Flag mode to the themed skins.

The Chinese New Year event will arrive alongside Overwatch patch 1.7.

First, the full trailer:

Overwatch Year of the Rooster skins

Check out the images below for a look at all the skins, both epic and legendary.

  • Epic Skins:
    • Tal Ana

Ana Tal

    • Rooster Bastion

Rooster Bastion

    • Firework Junkrat

Firework Junkrat

    • Golden Mercy

Golden Mercy

    • Qipao Symmetra

Qipao Symmetra

    • Rose Tracer

Rose Tracer

  • Legendary Skins:
    • Palanquin D’Va

Palanquin D'va

    • Chang’e Mei

Chang'e Mei

    • Bajie Roadhogg

Bajie Roadhogg

    • Wujing Reinhardt

Wujing Reinhardt

    • Luna Mei

Luna Mei

    • Wukong Winston

Wukong Winston

    • Sanzang Zenyatta

Sanzang Zenyatta

Overwatch Year of the Rooster Emotes

D.Va – Bow

Junkrat – Dud?

Mei – So Excited

Overwatch Year of the Rooster highlight intros

Mercy – Fortune

Roadhogg – Feast

Tracer – Lion Dance

Overwatch Year of the Rooster – CTF Mode

Overwatch CTF

The event also comes with Capture the Rooster, Overwatch’s riff on a Capture the Flag mode. Head to our Overwatch CTF post to read about the specifics.

Overwatch Year of the Rooster Comic

Winston comic

The latest Overwatch comic is unlikely to spark as much controversy and man tears as the last, as it’s just about a little Winston being read a story on his lunar base.

In case you missed the last one, you can check out Tracer’s comic here.

This latest comic is basically an excuse to look at some of the concept art for the new skins, by the looks of it.

It’s very light on story, but it’s still a good chance to see your favourite Overwatch heroes reimagined as Chinese legends. Check it out here.