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Overwatch hero 28 is Hammond, a hamster in a mech

Overwatch hamster

Blizzard has revealed that hero 28 is in fact a teeny, tiny rodent in an enormous mech. A tweet posted this afternoon, captioned “the champion revealed,” showed us the new hero, and the company’s senior animator confirmed what everyone suspected – this is Hammond, and Hammond is mighty.

The tweet showcases our adorable little friend rolling in on a wrecking ball, ready for destruction. Exactly what abilities Hammond will have remains a mystery, but we’ll likely hear more soon – Blizzard may just be giving us a chance to recover from the fact that yes, the new hero is a hamster.

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We at PCGN were not 100% convinced by that this teaser was for the new hero. New heroes have always been given a full reveal by game director Jeff Kaplan on the game’s YouTube channel, rather than a ten-second clip on Twitter. On top of that, Blizzard heroes are not referred to as champions, ever, which makes the reveal text slightly odd in the context of a new addition to the roster. We even suspected this might turn out to be an ability for the Junkertown Queen.

But if any of you shared similar doubts, they were put to rest by senior animator Markus Hmmarstedt on Twitter, who specifically called out the wrecking ball rodent as Hammond, a proper Overwatch hero.

Knowing Blizzard, there’ll be hints dropping over the next several weeks about all the new abilities, until Hammond is fully revealed, so we’ll be sure to keep you posted when we learn more. Between now and then, however, check out who we at PCGN think could be thenew Overwatch heroes. That said, I think it’s fair to say we’ve been slightly side-swiped by the arrival of a rodent piloting a robot, so I wouldn’t blame you if you took our speculation with a pinch of salt.

(Now give us Jetpack Cat, you cowards.)