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Reaper’s shotguns from Overwatch are getting literally Nerfed


Blizzard and Hasbro have teamed up to create a safe-for-home-use version of the shotguns Reaper wields in Overwatch. Officially called the ‘Nerf Rival Overwatch Reaper Wight Edition blaster,’ Blizzard provided a sneak preview at San Diego Comic-Con Friday.

The blaster prototype looks sharp, if a bit distinct from Reaper’s in-game shotgun. It has the classic canted gunfighter pistol grip, swooping detailing over the trigger mechanism, and the under-over barrel design covered by a handguard that shows carbon markings around the muzzle and rear vents.

As part of the Nerf Rivals lineup, the Wight Edition blaster will hold eight ball-style Rival rounds and use a spring-action firing mechanism to send them around your home, yard, or place of business at up to 90 feet per second. It also has a ready indicator and a safety switch, handy for when Reaper has to stand in line for convention snacks.

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Nerf’s toy weapons have been used by cosplayers for a while now – the brand has a wide range of guns that can be easily modified with some weathering and spray paint to look at home with, say, a Commander Shepard costume. Purists may still want to take some time with this officially-branded crossover product, but the Wight Edition blaster comes out of the box as a pretty good-looking Reaper accessory.

Blizzard said the blaster is due to hit store shelves in 2019, but were careful to say that plans – including the look and features of the toy – may change.

We’ll just have to patiently wait until next year to pop Reaper’s ult at the office. There’s no word on pricing yet, but we imagine you’ll want to reload your blaster instead of tossing it aside once it clicks.