Blizzard: Queuing for Overwatch roles is a nice idea, but there are problems

Overwatch Mercy

Working out who’s going to play what role at the start of an Overwatch match can be one of the game’s most consistently annoying aspects, and some players have proposed a system where players pick a role – say, DPS or healer – and wait to be put into a match that needs one. While that sounds like a pretty simple fix, game director Jeff Kaplan says the idea would introduce new problems, and that Overwatch isn’t ready for that kind of system.

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Speaking with Kotaku, Kaplan said role queuing is a good “starting point,” but that both versions proposed by the community are fraught with problems.

One proposal is what Kaplan calls “honor system queuing.”

“I queue up as a tank, but actually I want to play McCree, and the game lets me do that since Overwatch is very much about fluidly responding to the enemy team’s composition,” Kaplan said.

The other proposal for role-queuing would lock you into a role choice, and Kaplan says that cuts against that fluidity and flexibility Overwatch is supposed to be about.

But while Kaplan is skeptical about both ideas, he says he understands the frustrations that have led players to call for them.

You can read the full story over at Kotaku.