Details leaked for Overwatch’s second anniversary event, which starts next week


The Overwatch subreddit caught a slip-up on Twitter, spotting a video posted to the Brazilian Overwatch account that provides a few details on what to expect for the game’s second anniversary celebration. The video was quickly taken down from Twitter, but not before it was ripped and uploaded to YouTube, where you can view it above.

Perhaps most notably is a new pirate-themed Junkrat skin, which the subreddit immediately named Captain Junk Sparrow. The video shows him dancing with Roadhog, as they both cycle through various skins from previous limited-time events.

The text of the video says to expect brawls and items from the past to make a return, and says the celebration will kick off May 22. There’s no telling which modes and skins will be making a return, but at least we apparently don’t have long to wait.