Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan trolls fans who are begging for Valentine’s content

Overwatch Tracer Comic

Blizzard have been pretty clear about not doing anything for Valentine’s Day in Overwatch. While we’ve had Chinese New Year, Christmas, the Olympics, and even Halloween celebrated, Blizzard have no love for, well, love. 

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Still, Blizzard did explicitly say to not expect anything in Overwatch for Valentine’s Day and Easter.

But then some dataminers turned up some chocolate-flavoured voicelines and we all got a glimmer of hope that love was not lost.

I don’t know if you noticed, but Valentine’s Day was yesterday and there was nothing. No flowers. No chocolates. And most importantly, no shipping.

Some people aren’t happy about this, so they’ve taken to the forums to ask Blizzard to deliver. Give us something, they say. Give us anything.

In steps Jeff Kaplan to save the day, as usual. Here’s what he gave everyone: “Here… I made you this:

I know you’re called Blizzard, but that is ice cold. And hilarious.