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Jeff Kaplan’s Overwatch waifu tier list

Papa Jeff has the answer you never expected to hear

Okay, yes, listen. The world is still horny for Overwatch characters and we still use the term ‘waifu’ in 2020 for some awful reason and you’re here reading this story which definitely incriminates you more than me. In the wake of the announcement of Overwatch Hero Pools, director Jeff Kaplan has been responding to fan questions – and has thus revealed his own personal Overwatch waifu tier list.

What are we to do with this knowledge? Kaplan is the de facto god of the Overwatch universe, and the revelation of his own wai- okay, no. ‘Waifu’ is over. They’re best girls again. I’m bringing it back. Anyway, Kaplan’s formal declaration of best girls will surely shake the foundation of the Overwatch universe, and reshape the meta according to Blizzard’s plans.

Number three on the list is Tracer, notable as Overwatch’s covergirl. Number two is Mei, who remains so completely infuriating to play against that I can’t even argue. And Kaplan’s number one best girl pick is Hammond. Hammond is not a girl. He’s not even a girl hamster. And if we’re being honest with ourselves, that makes him the best best girl of all.

If you don’t believe that Papa Jeff has unleashed a waifu ranking on us in 2020, then just head to the official forums and look for yourself.

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In more serious news for fans of multiplayer games, Overwatch patch 1.45 makes Hero Pools official for competitive play. These temporary hero bans aim to regularly shake up the meta and make high-level Overwatch more dynamic from week to week.