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How to get ThermoSap Crystals in Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive ThermoSap Crystals are hard to find but essential to progress through the Exclusion Zone, so here’s the best way to find them.

A Pacific Drive ThermoSap Crystal sits on the workbench at the Auto Shop.

How do you get Pacific Drive ThermoSap Crystals? This rare resource is vital for crafting mid to late-game equipment in Ironwood Studios’ off-beat driving sim, and neglecting to gather it can majorly slow down your progression. However, it’s so rare that you might not know where to even begin to look for it. Thankfully, we’ve got the answers.

There are several ways to get your hands on ThermoSap Crystals in Pacific Drive, though some methods are easier than others in the crafting game. It’s also worth bearing in mind that many of the Fabrication Station upgrades that require ThermoSap Crystals also demand Pacific Drive Unstable and Corrupt Energy as well, so keep an eye out for them on your travels. Without further ado, here’s where to find Pacific Drive ThermoSap Crystals.

An Abandoned Squire armored car rusts away in the wild of the Olympic Exclusion Zone, ready to be destroying for Pacific Drive ThermoSap Crystals.

How to get ThermoSap Crystals

You can get ThermoSap Crystals by destroying Abandoned Squire cars, detonating Tourists and their late-game equivalents, or breaking open Sap Compressors.

The best way to get ThermoSap Crystals is by traveling along the main roads of the Mid-Zone to find Abandoned Squire cars, identified by their bright yellow car parts. Destroying the Armored Doors and Armored Panels using your Cutter will typically release one or two ThermoSap Crystals alongside Scrap Metal and Steel Sheets. If you’re short of a Cutter, you can also use the Liberator to separate the panels and take them back to the garage where you can dismantle them via the Matter Deconstructor, though this method requires a ton of car storage space.

The dais that a Sap Compressor sits upon, which can be shattered to provide a bundle of Pacific Drive ThermoSap Crystals

You can also receive a large volume of ThermoSap Crystals by destroying Sap Compressors located in The Scorch junctions of the Mid-Zone. This large red cube is situated upon a raised dais and can be shattered with the Impact Hammer. This typically grants you between eight to ten ThermoSap Crystals in one go, but given that Sap Compressors are relatively rare, we don’t recommend relying on them exclusively.

There’s also a small chance to receive ThermoSap Crystals inside Tourists, Tourist Traps, and Tour Buses emitting a telltale red glow. Given that Tourists explode on contact, exercise caution and throw a flare at them, or use your Hand Vac to pull them over from a safe distance. Bear in mind that any ThermoSap Crystals inside these Anomalies will be thrown up into the air upon detonation, and they may land a short distance away from your location.

No matter which method you prefer to hunt down Pacific Drive ThermoSap Crystals, we highly recommend you invest in a Roof Rack and Resource Radar to easily locate Abandoned Squires and Sap Compressors as you proceed through the Zone.

A Tourist Anomaly stands in the middle of the road of the Olympic Exclusion Zone, its torso emanating the telltale red glow of a Pacific Drive ThermoSap Crystal.

How to use ThermoSap Crystals

ThermoSap Crystals are a requisite material to unlock a Fabrication Station blueprint, as well as crafting certain items and equipment at your workbench. The most necessary item that requires ThermoSap Crystals is the LIM Shield, which is required to complete The Deep Zone Crossing quest and progress in the story.

You can use ThermoSap Crystals to craft the following:

Item Requirements Station
LIM Shield x28 ThermoSap Crystal, x6 Scrap Metal, x10 Plasma, x2 Circuit Board Advanced Workbench
Liberator x5 ThermoSap Crystals, x3 Scrap Metal, x4 Pressurized Cartridges, x2 Copper Wire Advanced Workbench
Armored Door x2 ThermoSap Crystal, x6 Glass Shard, x3 Steel Sheet Advanced Workbench
Armored Panel x3 ThermoSap Crystal, x4 Steel Sheet Advanced Workbench
Armored Bumper x5 ThermoSap Crystal, x8 Rubber, x8 Fabric, x2 Gear Advanced Workbench
Puncture-Proof Tire x3 ThermoSap Crystal, x8 Rubber, x8 Fabric, x2 Gear Advanced Workbench
Turbolight Engine x42 ThermoSap Crystal, x15 Copper Wire, x10 Gas Cylinder, x10 Steel Sheet Advanced Workbench
Thermal Vacuum x6 ThermoSap Crystal, x6 Plastic, x8 Rubber, x2 Electronics Advanced Workbench
Junction Re-Stabilizer x60 ThermoSap Crystal, x20 Scrap Metal, x8 Plasma Fabrication Station

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