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Palia, one of 2023’s big cozy games, is coming to Steam

One of our favorite cozy games of 2023, Palia, is finally coming to Steam in 2024 and you can even get a reward for wishlisting it.

Three characters in Palia stand in front of trees and a mountain range

Singularity 6’s beloved free-to-play community simulator, Palia, launches on Steam on Monday, March 25, 2024, and we can hardly wait to dive back into one of 2023’s best cozy games.

Palia stood out among last year’s simulation games with its colorful artistic direction, cartoonish fantasy world, and addictive fishing mechanics. When PCGamesN played the Palia preview, we called it a “stunning RPG” that fused Runescape and Stardew Valley. In the free-to-play MMO, players can explore charming, vibrant lands and build their homes, living out a serene adventure in a breathtaking world.

Steam users can add Palia to their wishlist by visiting the official store page. And if you do, you’ll get the chance to earn a huge in-game reward: a Frogbert plushie — we want the giant frog.

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On the wishlist campaign page, developer Singularity 6 says, “Palians might have seen Frogbert around in fountains, or in other places in the world. Well, now he’s ready to make his way into your housing plot, just in time for our Steam launch — but that’s not all! The final size of the Frogbert plush we’ll be sending out depends on you, the players!”

“That’s right: for every 100,000 Wishlists Palia has on Steam, we will increase the size of the plush to be given out.” In other good news, at the time of writing, the game has earned over 200,000 wishlists. So a bigger Frogbert plush is a given.

While we wait, we’ve got a list of the best free Steam games to see you through, as well as the Palia fishing locations you’ll want to visit when the game arrives on Steam on March 25.

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