The best Palia mods 2023

Enhance your gameplay experience via the best Palia mods that are available to download, including ones to help you with resource gathering.

Palia mods: A purple villager wearing broken glasses is looking at a device.

What are the best Palia mods? Mods for MMO games tend to be few and far between, as there is the inherent risk of being banned from servers for using them. However, in games where collecting resources is encouraged, some mods can help you save time in the long run from flitting between screens or glancing at a phone to triangulate exactly where you are in relation to the object you seek.

Since Palia hasn’t been out all that long, and the MMO made its Epic Games Store debut, there aren’t a ton of mods out there right now, but as we expected, the ones you can find are those that are helpful in navigation or make Palia’s already vivid art style look more colorful than ever before. So, if you wish to enhance the farming game further, then look at the best Palia mods below.

Best Palia mods

You can find all of the best Palia mods so far on Nexus Mods, and while they don’t tinker with the MMORPG game all that much, they can add some handy tools to help you out or swap out shaders to make it shine even brighter.

Here are the best Palia mods:

One of the best Palia mods is the Palia Map APp, which shows all resource locations and can help in many other ways. This is showing text about the Bahari Crab.

Palia Map App

For those who want to maximize their time efficiency when gathering items, the Palia Map App is your go-to guide while you’re “exploring Kilima Valley, diving into Bahari Bay, or immersing yourself in the enchanting Fairgrounds”. It does this through interactive maps, which help you track locations, key resources, and even other players.

On top of that, you have an easy-to-access guide to ensure you know which items will strengthen your bonds with villagers. It also has a desktop app that you can use with a second screen or an overlay as you play with the game.

A screenshot of Palia using the Bluebird's Song Reshade preset Palia mod. The textures look slightly different.

Bluebird’s Song Reshade preset

While there are a few different Palia mods that change the graphics slightly, the Bluebird’s Song Reshade preset achieves perhaps the most subtle result by giving Palia an even cozier effect than the base game by removing the fog to add some warmer colors and saturation. The result makes Palia look even more inviting with a sort of Disney’s Dreamlight Valley vibe, which suits it to a tee.

The Jacfruits reshade - bright and colorful Palia mod turns the saturation and brightness all the way up.

JacFruits Reshade – Bright and Colorful

If the more subtle look from the previous shader wasn’t bright enough, the JacFruits Reshade – Bright and Colorful mod makes the game even more vivid, saturating the screen with striking hues. It’s certainly a more inviting look than the base game, even if the local villagers now sport a very grape-like skin color.

A two-sided image, with a reshader Palia mod on the right hand side, with brighter colors.

ThreeCuriousLemons Technicolor A Recolor

Yes, it’s another reshade, but this one is different once again, and even improves the way lighting looks. Not in a Ray-Tracing sort of way, but the brightest increase seems to make sunlight shine the bit brighter on surfaces, and the mod creator themselves promises this reshade is “absolutely to die for during golden hour.”

Those are all the best Palia mods so far. If you fancy getting some more tips, we have some out there you may wish to check out, such as our Palia fishing guide with everything you need to know about the locations and schedules of these piscine water-dwellers. Alternatively, here are some other relaxing games to try if the MMO nature of Palia isn’t chill enough for you.