Stardew Valley meets World of Warcraft in cozy MMO, now with open beta

Palia, a wholesome MMO made by Singularity 6, now has an open beta and the game is like a cozy blend of Stardew Valley and World of Warcraft.

A purple-skinned bearded man from Palia wears a straw hat and holds a red apple in his hand

Palia is one of the only MMOs that I’ve had my eye on for ages, thanks to its cozy Stardew Valley type of vibe and its World of Warcraft-like role-playing features. Following a lengthy timeline of closed beta invite releases, Singularity 6 has just announced that the developers have opened its beta to the public for Palia, meaning that we can all jump into the game’s stunning world right now and see how well it blends the wholesome with the whimsical.

There are many games like Stardew Valley out there, especially now as the popularity of more laid-back gaming continues to soar. As a huge fan of relaxing gameplay myself, I’ve had my eye on Palia for a while. The game features a variety of beautiful biomes to explore, offering players the opportunity to rebuild Palia’s world into one of their own. It’s also free-to-play, which means that everyone can craft to their heart’s content without breaking the bank.

Our Palia preview details the game’s features further, showcasing its character customization and story with a more in-depth look, but you can explore the game for yourself now to see everything firsthand. The Palia open beta is live, after five years of development. Singularity 6 announced public access, writing that, “open beta players can expect new quests, storylines, villagers, housing, and character customization options.”

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The developers also declared alongside the announcement that “while the game is now available to all,” they “are just getting started building the world of Palia.” You won’t find any shortage of content for a while to come it seems, as the team “has tons of content planned for the game’s open beta phase and beyond.”

All you have to do to play Palia now is create an account on the official website. I personally can’t wait to dive deep into a new MMO, especially as it’s got all of my favorite qualities. Palia fills itself to the brim with features like farming, gathering, questing, and more. Did I mention the fact that there are cute elves everywhere?

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