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Where to get Palworld milk

Palworld milk is one of the essential ingredients for a cake to facilitate breeding - but where in the Palpagos Islands can you get it?

Palworld milk: a large round cow smiles

Where can you find Palworld milk? This ingredient is essential in the cooking of cakes, which are required in order to facilitate breeding in Palworld. You can unlock breeding at level 19, but you might not have found Palworld milk in the wild just yet. Don’t worry – it’s easier than you might think, and you don’t even need a cow.

Of all the Palworld Pals in the game, relatively few will be able to help you obtain milk. Fear not though – there are other places in the Palpagos Islands that you can get this sought-after ingredient, and we’ll direct you to the best parts of the Palworld map to find it. With that in mind, here’s where you can find Palworld milk.

How to get milk in Palworld

To get milk in Palworld you can either farm it from a Mozzarina, or find the merchant in a Small Settlement who will usually be selling it.

Mozzarina, short of having the most amazing name, also has the possibility to drop milk when assigned to a ranch. Regardless of their gender, Mozzarina will eventually produce milk at your base, so you don’t even need to murder one to obtain it. Of course, you can if you really want to.

The Palworld milk merchant can be seen at these locations on the map

The merchant can be found earliest in the game to the north-east of the beginner’s platea, in a small settlement. Check inside the buildings, and you’ll find a merchant carrying various ingredients, items, schematics, and more. You can purchase milk here for 100 gold. If you’re planning on sticking around in Palworld for the long term, though, you’ll want to set up a Mozzarina milk farm for maximum efficiency.

That’s all we’ve got on milk in Palworld right now, but if more information comes to light about late-game Pals that also drop milk, we’ll be sure to let you know. For now, why not peruse the Palworld type chart to make sure you’re in the know ahead of all of the Palworld bosses you plan to fight.