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Where to find Palworld Sulfur

Much rarer than Ore, Sulfur is also a far more important resource as you progress and level up in Palworld. Here’s where to find it.

Where can you find Sulfur in Palworld? Like stone and ore, sulfur is a key resource that you’ll have to collect with a pickaxe; however, unlike stone and Ore, it’s much more rare and much more valuable. You see, Sulfur is used to make gunpowder, which in turn you need to craft pretty much every type of ammunition outside of arrows. So if you want to make the most of your assault rifle and other weapons, you better know where to find a lot of it.

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a sulfur depist on a mountain in palworld

Where to find Palworld Sulfur

You can find Palworld Sulfur in the volcanic areas of the map including Mount Obsidian, and some dungeons although this isn’t guaranteed.

Palworld Sulfur deposits are loosely scattered throughout the entire map. It’s also found within dungeons; however, it isn’t guaranteed to be found within them, so don’t rely on dungeons for your Sulfur farming needs. Instead, head to the volcanic areas in the southwest and northeast corners of the map.

Earlier on in your adventure, heading northeast of the Mossanda Forest fast travel point (location 234, -118) will reveal a narrow ravine filled with lava; there are a few Sulfur deposits to be found here. However, they’re not plentiful.

On the other hand, Mount Obsidian, a volcano which dominates the entire southwest region of the Palworld map, has Sulfur deposits aplenty. This is by far the best place to farm sulfur for all your gunpowder needs.

a zoomed in map of mount obsidian

How to farm Palworld Sulfur

The best way to farm Sulfur is to build a chest near one of the fast travel points on Mount Obsidian, such as the Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance. Then, head out with a backpack full of Pals like Cattiva that increase your carrying capacity. Finally, gather up as much Sulfur as you can before returning to the fast travel point and filling up the chest; rinse and repeat until the chest is full. If you’re close enough to the fast travel point, you can still fast travel back to one of your bases to ditch your haul.

And that’s all you need to know to gather all the Sulfur you need to make tons of ammunition. The Cattivas and Depressos aren’t going to shoot themselves, after all. If you really enjoy the Palworld shooting mechanics, you might like our overview of the best FPS games on PC. Or maybe you’re more into the cute critters – this guide to Pokemon games on PC has you covered.