Palworld will run on Apple Vision Pro, but it takes some effort

Apple's new VR/AR device has a virtual display size of up to 300 inches - pair that with Steam Link and the gaming possibilities are endless.

Palworld works on Apple Vision Pro

We’ve already seen attempts to get Palworld working in VR thanks to the UEVR mod, but now we’re seeing it working on the Apple Vision Pro, a device not marketed as a gaming-focused system. The problem is that it might not be worth the hassle right now.

While yet to establish itself as one of the best VR headsets, the Apple Vision Pro is not inherently a gaming device, but that doesn’t mean it can’t play games. One user got Palworld working on it thanks to using a clever combination of Steam Link and a Bluetooth controller.

Alex Volkov took to Twitter (X) to show off their setup and got Palworld working on the Apple Vision Pro after an elongated setup process. Granted, this isn’t the ideal way to play any Steam games, but it’s hard to turn up your nose at a display that can go as large as 300 inches.

Now, while there isn’t a native Steam Link app for the Apple Vision Pro (yet), there is an iPad app that is compatible. Downloading this app allows you to use Steam Link on the Apple Vision’s huge virtual display.

Grab yourself a wireless Bluetooth controller, Xbox being the easiest for compatibility, and once that’s connected, you’re good to go. The setup process is exactly the same as it is for using Steam Link with any other device. You’ll connect via Wi-Fi to your gaming rig and then run your games through that PC, with the connection being beamed to your Apple Vision Pro.

It’s the same process for the Meta Quest 3, although Valve notes that an Ethernet connection from your router to your PC makes for the most stable experience. That said, if you can’t make a wired connection work, you can still use Steam Link, there just may be some additional latency issues.

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