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Palworld VR exists already, and yes, it’s very good

There's no stopping Palworld right now, and this VR mod allows you to play via virtual reality, and it's better than it has any right to be.

Palworld VR

Playing Palworld in VR might seem like a nightmare to some, but it is instead a genuinely charming experience, made possible thanks to UEVR, an open-source tool for bringing virtual reality compatibility to Unreal Engine games.

Some of the best PC games released in recent years can now be given a new lease of life in VR, provided they are built within the Unreal Engine. It must be noted that this isn’t native VR support, so while the UEVR tool is capable of incredible feats, it’s going to take time for Palworld to play like a true VR game, but it’s off to a great start.

UEVR is responsible for games like Returnal, Lies of P, and Robocop: Rogue City all getting varying levels of mod-driven VR support. With Palworld, we’ve seen a vanilla (basic) mod being applied, which works great, but doesn’t add fully immersive controls. It does, however, make us very excited for what could be coming in the future.

With UEVR, it’s possible to add basic VR support to any Unreal Engine game, but slight adjustments need to be made such as repositioning the camera and removing the skeleton mesh for the player model so that it doesn’t interfere with the perspective.

From there, you can either use a standard game controller or remap controls to VR-specific controllers like those for the Meta Quest 3. It’s a surprisingly simple task, but countless talented modders are working on bringing a deeper level of compatibility to these games, to one day hopefully have them play like a native title.

In Palworld’s case, we’ve also seen one post to the FlatVR Twitter (X) account which shows a highlight reel of VR gameplay in action. We can’t wait to see what happens over the coming months while modders potentially work on adding full support. Developer Pocketpair has yet to comment on these VR mods, but it could be seen as a wise move to support the modding community as it expands interest in the game.

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