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Paralives reveals its first instrument, and it’s a Sims 4 classic

Paralives has just revealed piano as one of the many activities our Parafolks will be able to partake in, and it's reminiscent of The Sims 4's own piano skill.

Paralives character sitting against a beig backdrop, wearing a red skirt and white turtleneck sweater

Paralives never ceases to amaze me as an indie simulation game, with its vibrant art style and immersive gameplay. You’d never know that it all initially came from the mind of one solo developer. Paralives just keeps getting more impressive, with the dev now showing off some of the activities our Parafolks will be able to enjoy. If you’ve enjoyed playing with musicians in The Sims 4, get excited because you’ll be able to keep creating tunes in Paralives. That’s right, piano is the latest revealed skill and it’s music to my ears.

The dev writes, “In Paralives, your characters will be able to play the piano and progressively get better at it as they improve their skills.” Just like in Sims games, your Parafolks will not play very well at first, but the fun is in watching them improve over time. “They might play a piece poorly at first but you will be able to hear their progress and see their movements getting better and better.”

If you’re familiar with instruments and their genres in games like The Sims 4, then you may be wondering what sorts of music your Paralives people will be able to play. “For the initial release of the game, Parafolks will be able to play various well-known classical music pieces.” In the future though, we’ll likely get to branch out a bit more, as the dev says that “jazz, blues, pop, and more” may be on the way.

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What makes piano in Paralives really special is the amount of love that went into its implementation. Some of the creative minds behind the upcoming game actually recorded themselves playing “so that it fits relatively well with the movement of the hands in the animation that was made at the same specific tempo.” That’s right, it’s all based on real musicians’ movements and animated to feel in sync with them.

The recent Paralives update also provides a look at future plans, including the addition of other instruments. “We’re planning to add one other musical instrument for the release of the game but more could come later,” the dev says. The team also hopes to make Parafolks able to perform together, hinting at venues. Other plans include singing and even the ability to have Parafolks compose their own music.

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