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Promising Sims 4 rival Paralives shows off over 800 new items

One of the most exciting new games like the Sims, Paralives shows off an impressive collection of all the new items its artists have built.

With The Sims 4 nearly a decade old and Project Rene still deep in development, Paralives is one of the most exciting games like the Sims that we’ve got our eyes on. Its gorgeous art style and relatable representation of its Parafolk have me eager to see the life simulation game finally arrive in our hands, and as it gears up for a big 2024, developer Alex Massé and Paralives Studio showcase the hundreds of new items the art team has crafted over the past twelve months.

Initially started as a solo project by Massé, but then expanded to a wider studio, Paralives is shaping up to be one of the most interesting games like The Sims, and I’m so eager to discover when we’ll actually see the game arrive in a playable form, with the current plan being to launch initially via Steam Early Access. While we’re still awaiting news of such a release date, the team does share a glimpse at the wealth of new content that’s been made over the past twelve months.

“While our programmers focused on gameplay features, our artists added hundreds of new items for the game,” it shares via an image on Steam and the game’s Reddit. The comparison shows initial assets from the start of 2023 and a gallery of everything made by the end of the year, which Paralives Studios numbers as “over 800 new items.”

Paralives - The Sims 4 rival shows off "over 800 new items" laid out across a giant field.

It’s definitely an impressive lineup already, with plenty to choose from in just about every home decor category you could ask for. There’s all manner of dining, garden, and office chairs (including the mandatory gaming chair), sofas, tables, lamps, benches, bookshelves, and of course beds – with one particularly cozy-looking coffin style bed catching my eye. There’s all your usual bathroom and kitchen amenities too, coming in many shapes and sizes to match your tastes.

There’s also many of the recreational tools you might expect from a game looking to please the Sims crowd – a piano, a treadmill, a weights bench, an easel, a telescope, a yoga mat and ball. And of course even all manner of decorative options, from rugs to paintings, the return of a life-sized cow figure, and even what appears to be an anime body pillow.

YouTube Thumbnail

Of course, all of these are just the pieces – we’ll have to see how the whole puzzle looks when it’s put together. But for me it’s an important sign; as much as I’ve enjoyed seeing how Paralives instruments work, or finding out what can lead to death in Paralives, building out my house is one of my favorite part of The Sims, and it’s an aspect Paralives will need to deliver on if they’re hoping to catch people’s attention. From what we’ve seen here, they look to be doing a great job of that so far.

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