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Best Payday 3 mods

It's early days, but we're already seeing what the best Payday 3 mod types could be for now, with the hope that more ambitious mods will appear soon.

What are the best Payday 3 mods we want to see? We’re still in the early days of Starbreeze Studios’s latest co-op heist game, but the modding community is hard at work creating new assets to change how the game looks and works. However, it’s early doors, and we so far don’t have many frontrunners, so we’ll have to wait to see what the modders are cooking up.

At the very least, though, the base FPS game is indeed very good when it works; you can read our Payday 3 review to learn more. So, what sort of Payday 3 mods can we expect to be the very best? Well, if previous games are anything to go by, we imagine that mods will expand on the available Payday 3 heists to give would-be thieves more of a challenge. Indulge us, then, as we speculate the potential for Payday 3 in its modding scene over the next few years.

Payday 3 mods: Several criminals with masks shooting at the police off-screen.

Best Payday 3 mods

Here are a handful of the best Payday 3 mods we’ve seen so far:

Challenge Notifications

Are you one of those players who prefers to know exactly when you’ve finished a task? If so, the Challenge Notifications mod by Sanic can help you keep track of the moment when you meet the requirements. The screenshot example on the mod page shows that the player has completed a challenge to defeat ten enemies with a headshot using the Reinfeld 900S, but in theory, it should work for all assigned challenges. It requires Narknon’s Moolah Mod loader to run.

Heist Timer

Another relatively simple mod here. The Heist Timer, also from Sanic, permanently displays this information on the screen, something that was present in Payday 2 but not present in the newest game. Like the Challenge Notifications mod, this also requires Narknon’s Moolah Mod to get it to work.

Hi-Vis ammo pickups are one of the best Payday 3 mods out there so far.

Hi-Vis Ammo Pickups

Normally, the ammo crates in Payday 3 are very hard to see, as they’re a bland green color that just blends in too closely. With the Hi-Vis Ammo Pickups mod, you can clearly see what the ammo crates look like, which can help you learn the best places to grab some ammunition in a pinch. It doesn’t require any other mods to run, but you do need to follow the instructions carefully.

So those are the types of Payday 3 mods that we’ve seen. The early signs show there’s an active community, but it may take some time before we get to the really good stuff. In the meantime, you can learn more about the best Payday 3 weapons or tinker with the Payday 3 settings to get the best performance.