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PCGamesN Podcast Episode 2

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We made it to episode two! Many of us thought the good ship PCGamesN Podcast would have crashed, sunk, and exploded in the week since episode 1. And they’d ahve been right. We’ve scuttled the ship, bought a hovercraft, and done it all in time to release the second episode on schedule.

This week we break from tradition and talk about video games.

Here are the articles we discuss in this week’s episode:

You can subscribe to the podcast using this RSS feed or through iTunes. We’ve trimmed the podcast down to 64kbps to save on file size and we’re working on getting some new mics, too.

Tell us what you think, either in the comments below or email Jules.

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[SOTMB] CrackBaby Jones Avatar

Can I give you guys one advice? the podcast is fun and all, but the mic on the main dude is terrible, I think the name is Tim, but i'm not sure since its hard to hear whatever you're saying.

Nice podcast, keep it up!

JE | Voxelman Avatar
JE | Voxelman(1 hour played)
4 Years ago

Do you have to *bleep* swear words? And if you do could you at least use a less annoying tone?

icheyne Avatar
4 Years ago

Excellent podcast. I only found PCGamesN because I liked Tim's style on the PC Gamer Podcast and wanted to see what he was up to. Great to see he's doing another one with just as talented a group. The PC Gamer podcast was also the only reason why I subscribed to the magazine.

A couple of minor points as a long-time podcast listener. Please can you use a convention for the filename, so it's ordered alphabetically in my MP3 player?


I know you're waiting for a Soundcloud RSS feed, but how about just hosting the podcast at PCGamesN and putting an RSS feed together? Otherwise http://www.libsyn.com/ is very popular.

Shriven Avatar
4 Years ago

"He was playing the rift and my children were crowding around him hitting him at the same time and he refused to put it down and stop playing"

What as ass! Let the kids play!

Tim Edwards Avatar
4 Years ago

Haha. My kids are way too young to be playing on the Rift. They just like hitting Uncle James.