Persona 2 and Persona 3 remake most desired by fans, reports Atlus

Developer Atlus publishes the results of a worldwide fan survey indicating that players of the RPG game series most want to see a Persona 2 and Persona 3 remake

Persona 3 remake and Persona 2 remake: Aigis from Persona 3 saluting on a beach mid-dance

Persona fans are most eager to see a Persona 3 remake and a Persona 2 remake come to modern platforms including Steam, according to the results of a worldwide consumer survey published by Atlus. The JRPG game series is continuing its move to PC, with Persona 5 Royal coming in October and Persona 3 Portable set to follow, and Persona 4 Golden selling well on Steam.

Now, the ‘Atlus survey 2022 special program’ stream has reported that series fans are most eager to see remakes of the second and third entries in the series, as reported by Persona Central. A key question among the survey, which was answered by almost 45,000 participants worldwide, asked about whether fans would want to play a “remake of a game with new elements added and improved visuals and controls, etc.”

Of the respondents, 78.9% said that they would want to play remakes of both Persona 3 (encompassing Persona 3, P3 FES, and P3 Portable) and Persona 2 (combining P2: Innocent Sin and P2: Eternal Punishment). These are followed by Revelations: Persona (the first in the series), and then by Persona 4, with various Shin Megami Tensei and Devil Summoner titles ranking lower in the list.

While these numbers are obviously expected to be high due to the survey’s fan-focused nature, Atlus choosing to publicly ask this question certainly suggests that they are considering such options for the future. You can watch the full presentation on the Atlus YouTube channel, though please note that it is all in Japanese.

While you wait for more Persona on PC, there’s plenty of other Japanese RPG games to watch out for – including Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, which Square Enix says will not alter its story axis from the original Final Fantasy VII.