Pet Simulator 99 pets transfer and how to equip

If you've played around with the past game in the series, you'll want to know how the Pet Simulator 99 pets transfer and equip system works.

Three Pet Simulator 99 pets running forward.

Need to know how the Pet Simulator 99 pets transfer system works? It’s the right thing to do. For a while after the launch of the long-awaited sequel to BIG Games’ collect-a-thon, you’re able to take a lot of your biggest and best PSX pets, items, and goodies over to the latest and greatest simulator-style experience on the platform. It’s easy, and you won’t lose a thing in the process.

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The spot where you can trigger Pet Simulator 99 transfers in Pet Simulator X.

How to transfer PSX pets to Pet Simulator 99

To get off to a flying start in Pet Simulator 99, you’ll want to transfer your Pet Simulator X pets, eggs, and items over to the new game.

All you need to do is log into Pet Simulator X on your main account. This will need to be the same account you plan to use for Pet Simulator 99, too.

Once you’re in-game, head to the main Town Plaza. You’ll see a big transfer door just beyond the fountain. Step into the ring of light by the left of it to start the Pet Simulator 99 pets transfer process via the Pet Box.

Select the pets, eggs, and other eligible items you want to send from Pet Simulator X into Pet Simulator 99 and hit the big button.

Once the request goes through, you’ll find all your huge pets, eggs, and other items in Pet Simulator 99 when you next launch the game.

How to equip pets in Pet Simulator 99

To equip pets in PS99, just open up the pets tab from the bottom and tap the pets you want to set as active companions. You’ll need to unlock extra pet slots to use them all at once.

What can I transfer from PSX to PS99?

Huge, Gigantic, Titanic, and Exclusive pets can be transferred from PSX over to PS99. Similarly rare eggs – typically those acquired via Robux – can come along for the ride, too.

Basically, anything with real-world value can be brought over to PS99. Regular and event pets will have to be left behind. If you don’t plan to play the old game, you can attempt to turn them into Huge pets (which can be transferred) via the Huge Machine.

Enchants and nicknames won’t transfer with your pets, and you can only move 250 pets over per week. Pets cannot be transferred back, but you can still trade them. Eggs will move over for good.

What happens after the Pet Simulator 99 pet transfer?

Aside from your PSX pets and eggs appearing in Pet Simulator 99 instead, not a whole lot else happens. In fact, they’ll still be in Pet Simulator X as well. You can use them in both games at the same time.

Anything you flag to transfer over to the new game will be marked as such. That way you’ll know what’s been moved over and what hasn’t.

How long does the Pet Simulator 99 pet transfer last?

Any pets and eggs you transfer from PSX over to PS99 will stay with you forever. Six months after the launch of the new game, however, the transfer system will be removed.

Anything you haven’t moved over from PSX to PS99 after that point will have to stay in the old game forever.

If you have friends who might make the jump with their own premium pets, let them know they’ll need to do it before it’s too late.

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