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Forget Lethal Company, another 10/10 co-op horror is getting an update

Kinetic Games reveals a preview of upcoming changes to Phasmophobia and its controversial Ascension update after looking to fan feedback.

Phasmophobia update: A rotting corpse-like man wielding a bloodied bat stands before a dimly lit green backdrop depicting a hallway and a lit exit sign

Phasmophobia was probably the first co-op horror game experience I ever really put a good few hours into, and anyone who has played it will understand why. Kinetic Games’ spooktacular paranormal adventure is unique to say the least, allowing players to group up and tackle a variety of supernatural beings. Following its massive Ascension update a few months back though, many fans have awaited news of any changes or fixes. Now, we finally have our first look at the developer’s plans.

If you’ve played Phasmophobia at all since the horror game‘s big patch back in August of 2023, you may have run into buggy features, a slow grind, or have simply been looking forward to another huge update. A recent developer preview from Kinetic Games reveals that it’s taking such player experiences and fans’ hopes for the future into account. In turn, the dev also shares its plans for “progression and other areas” in Phasmophobia.

Some of the most important proposed changes include those coming to the game’s progression systems. Kinetic acknowledges that leveling takes too long, and says that players will require less XP per level in the future. The dev also reveals upcoming changes to tier unlocks so that you can unlock multiple at once. Hopefully, this makes upgrading equipment operate more smoothly. Some upgrades will cost more in the future, though, as “players can unlock almost everything straight away.”

While prestiges are “a completely optional part of progression,” Kinetic is hoping to provide some more incentive for players to make use of the feature. For instance, we’ll be able to get prestige-related cosmetics for player models, some free XP, or extra in-game cash to buy equipment with. Speaking of equipment, it’s all about to change. From the EMF reader to the thermometer, evidence-gathering tools face tweaks.

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Some equipment, like the DOTS projector, will be easier to use with the new update. I’d say the same about the EMF reader and its upcoming improvements, due to the needle often getting “too close” or even going “past the five mark during events” right now, according to Kinetic. As for the thermometer, I can’t say I’m too excited about its proposed changes. According to the dev, the tool never had “randomness to the readings.”

Kinetic says this makes the thermometer too accurate at its first tier, but I personally feel like that’s reasonable given how it’s arguably the game’s most realistic and reliable tool. Thermometers shouldn’t vary in readings as they’re real-life pieces of equipment whose numbers are truly based in science. Considering threads on Reddit and elsewhere, it looks like I’m not the only one who thinks so, either.

I’m happy to hear that the dev is improving the flashlights and igniters, though, especially as someone who is regularly lost in the dark. Better accessibility is underway for headlights, too, with a sound that’ll play if a ghost is interfering with them. Along with other changes to aid hearing-impaired users and improve upon Ascension in general, this proposed update is a big one indeed. I just hope the team sees our recent feedback regarding the thermometers.

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