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Strategy game from XCOM creator gets long-awaited campaign overhaul

Phoenix Point Terror from the Void is a fan-made comprehensive reworking of the XCOM style strategy game reminiscent of the Long War mod.

XCOM style strategy game Phoenix Point gets massive overhaul with 1.0 launch of fan project Terror from the Void - A soldier in green armor flanked by two allies.

XCOM style strategy game Phoenix Point is having its Long War moment. The turn-based tactics game from developer Snapshot Games, founded by original X-COM creator Julian Gollop, is getting a comprehensive fan-built overhaul with the 1.0 launch of Phoenix Point: Terror from the Void. A complete reworking of the core game’s campaign with new characters and events, redesigned classes, and much more, Terror from the Void is hailed as “an amazing reimagining” by the game’s developer, and it’s out now.

Terror from the Void creators Phoenix Rising describe the mod as “A true reimagining from the ground up made by fans who love Phoenix Point.” Unlike the beloved mod project XCOM Long War, however, Terror from the Void is designed to be a revamped, upgraded, and definitive way to play Phoenix Point that’s suitable for both newcomers and veteran players, rather than focusing on a more extensive campaign for the turn-based strategy game.

The main story has been completely reworked with new characters on both sides, new events and reports, and additional lore, with a focus on sci-fi horror themes. It also redesigns and reintroduces the Oneiric Delirium feature – a ‘doomsday clock’ mechanic from the original game that was patched out after release – and adds new semi-randomized modifiers called Void Omens designed to represent the Lovecraftian themes of “humanity’s slide into a waking nightmare.”

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Classes have been redesigned with a focus on “sharply defined roles and strong class identities,” along with rebalancing for overpowered synergies from the base game. There are new weapons and improved vehicles at your disposal, which you’ll need to take on the range of new and improved enemies you’ll be facing – including the nightmarish Revenants, mutated super-soldiers infused with the consciousness of your own fallen allies.

With five difficulty options ranging from a “super easy” story mode through to the “impossibly hard” Etermes setting and over 20 modular toggles allowing you to fine-tune things exactly to your liking, you’ll be able to enjoy Terror from the Void regardless of your familiarity with Phoenix Point. The mod creators recommend starting one difficulty setting below what you might be comfortable with in the base game, while if you’re starting as a completely new player then Rookie or Veteran are the go-to picks.

The DLC add-ons, which are required to play Terror from the Void, have also been heavily reworked, with new mechanics and an expanded marketplace where you can buy faction research and special Kaos weaponry, or hire mercenary soldiers with their own unique gear and abilities. Rounding things out are a helping of UI improvements, including soldier loadouts, the ability to toggle helmet visibility on your soldiers, upgrades to the game’s AI, and other bug fixes.

Phoenix Point Terror from the Void - A soldier hides in a building as a large tank rolls by outside.

With just how comprehensive and impressive the mod is, Phoenix Point developer Snapshot Games has taken notice. “We are honored that the Phoenix Rising team has dedicated so much time and effort into customizing our game,” it says of the project. “We believe that they have achieved an amazing reimagining of our campaign, and we want the result of their hard work to be noticed and enjoyed by as many players as possible.” To celebrate the launch, it’s even holding a Steam sale for anyone yet to buy the base game.

Phoenix Point is on sale for 65% off on Steam through Monday April 29. That means you’ll pay just $8.74/£6.82 for the base game or $14.33/£11.00 for the complete edition with all DLC included – note that you’ll need all the DLC installed to play Terror from the Void. Once you’re ready to play the new overhaul, you can download it through the Steam workshop. Install instructions can be found on the page, so be sure to check you don’t have any overlap with other installed mods.

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