Planet Zoo’s animals get super chonky with newly unlocked Easter eggs

Fill your parks with balloons, kick a soccer ball, or puff up your animals with these new Planet Zoo cheats

It’s Easter weekend, and since most of us are stuck indoors, what better way to celebrate than with some Easter eggs? Frontier Development has added a few new cheat codes to use in Planet Zoo, including one that turns your animals into puffy li’l chonks.

You activate the new cheats by changing the names of guests or animals in the parks, depending on what you want to have happen. For instance, change the name of one of your guests to ‘SelenaM,’ and everyone in the park will suddenly be holding a balloon. Another cheat adds physics to every enrichment object that isn’t nailed down – you’ll be able to give anything a good thwack just by clicking on it.

The best one, though, is what Frontier calls ‘the Floof cheat.’ Find an animal you’d like to fluff up and change its name to ‘MeggieB.’ Your animal will instantly become what zookeepers refer to as an absolute unit, a chonker, certifiably thicc.

Another cheat adds little love hearts to your animals’ mating animations, which I suppose makes things a bit more classy and romantic. If you’re having trouble getting this to happen, we have a handy guide to Planet Zoo animal breeding that has some helpful tips.

Here’s the full list of cheats and how to activate them:


  • Give every visitor in the park a balloon – Change a guest’s name to SelenaM
  • Have every visitor release their balloon – Change a guest’s name to JayC

Physics cheat

  • Click enrichment objects to apply physical force – Change an animal’s name to DaveBamber

Floof cheat

  • Make an animal fluffy – Change the animal’s name to MeggieB

Hearts cheat

  • All animals have love hearts added to their mating animations – Change any habitat animal’s name to MontseC

The new Easter eggs are available free to anyone who owns Planet Zoo, so hop right in and enjoy.