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Kick off your PC gaming weekend by asking the question: who killed Ben Barrett?

Weekend Esc PC gaming

It’s Weekend Esc o’clock. When episodes of the Weekend Esc were released in centuries past, people probably said, “It’s Weekend Esc of the clock.” But we use a shortened form now. Who has time to say ‘of the’ anymore? You live a busy modern life, and that’s exactly why you need a show to catch you up on pertinent events in PC gaming.

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This week it’s all been about things to come. There’s the Steam Lunar New Year Sale, which follows hot on the heels of the Winter Sale, and the Autumn Sale before it. At this rate it’s going to be easier to celebrate Full Price Games as their own distinct seasonal event, as rare as Easter or Christmas.

Elsewhere, there’s the news that PUBG Corp will ban 100,000 cheaters “in a single wave,” and rumours of John Cena’s casting as Duke Nukem. Further reports that the former wrestler will employ a runner solely to ensure he doesn’t run out of bubblegum on set are unconfirmed.

We’ve also giving away 25 copies of Dead Cells on the site – a lovely-looking roguelike about exploring a constantly-changing castle.

To be frank, though, I’ve been putting off mentioning the most significant development covered in this week’s show, which is that longtime Weekend Esc co-host Ben Barrett was killed during filming. An investigation is ongoing, and suggestions he may simply now be gainfully employed at another company are tasteless and unfounded. But, if he were, we would wish him well.

Suffice it to say that Ben died as he lived: complaining about nerfs. Roll the tape!