PUBG dev is “actively working on” adding Ranked Solos

There's still no release window in sight, though

Earlier this year, Ranked mode came to PUBG for the first time since the battle royale game’s launch. It was launched for FPP and TPP squads only, and the community has been keen to find out if developer PUBG Corp. will be adding Ranked solo play at some point. Now, the dev has posted a fresh announcement on this very topic, explaining it’s “actively working on” adding Ranked Solos – but wants to make sure it’s not at the expense of the multiplayer game’s existing queues and modes.

“Since Ranked mode was introduced to PUBG many of you have been asking for the addition of Ranked Solos,” the announcement on Twitter says. “We want you to know that we’ve heard your request loud and clear, and are actively working on the best way to add Ranked Solo without harming the health of other queues and modes.”

There’s no timeframe given in the post for the addition of the mode, but it does add that it’ll keep fans “updated when more information is available”. The dev explains that it just “wanted to provide an update here first”, and thanks PUBG players for their continuing feedback.

In late July, Ranked game designer Maynard Price said in an AMA that, although the studio wasn’t able to offer an “exact date” for a Ranked solo mode’s addition to the game at that time, it was “being looked into as a high priority”. He added that the dev was “going to keep pushing this rock up the hill and if it’s at all possible to do so in a healthy way you can rest assured that there will be a solo and/or duo mode someday”.

So, the new announcement doesn’t exactly give us an idea of when to expect Ranked Solos to go live in-game, but the good news for fans eager to dive into the mode is that it’s still confirmed as in the works.

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