PUBG server relocation tests could mean “changes for PC as well”

PUBG Corp has introduced servers located closer to the centre of the US and throughout many European cities

PUBG players on the west coast of the US have complained about their high ping due to the location of the game servers for years now. In an effort to make PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds less laggy for players in North America and Europe, PUBG Corp has been running server relocation tests over the past week to finally address this issue.

After a number of DDoS attacks which degraded the network quality for all players, the devs explain in a blog post, the PUBG servers in North America were moved from Dallas to Virginia. This meant players on the west coast often had to play with upwards of 80 ping, resulting in stuttery and unsynchronised matches.. The server relocation plan, however, introduces locations closer to the centre of the US, which should give all players based in the country a smoother experience overall.

As for the European servers, DDoS attacks forced the developers to move the servers from Frankfurt to Ireland. Due to the feedback received from the community, PUBG Corp launched more servers across various cities in Europe to provide the “best network conditions for the most amount of players”.

Judging by the responses on Reddit, it appears players from across both regions are happy with their improved pings. East coast players may have slightly higher pings as a result of the server relocation, but it won’t be anywhere near as bad compared to what west coast players dealt with.

These changes currently will only have an impact on console players, though PUBG Corp says it may make changes for PC as well if there’s room for improvement. “PC servers in NA and EU might also see changes in location based on what our tests show,” the dev says. “At the moment we’re seeing an opportunity to provide better server locations for our NA and EU console players and are testing on consoles first because of this, but if these tests happen to reveal that there is room for improvement for PC too, we may make changes for PC as well.” You can read about all the server changes on the PUBG website.

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