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PlayerUnknown Battleground’s zombies to be sprinters not shamblers

Battlegrounds Zombies Mode pits an entire server of undead against four players

Update June 21, 2017: PlayerUnknown clearly prefers World War Z to Dawn of the Dead.

Brendan Greene, better known as PlayerUnknown himself, has shed a little more light on the zombies game mode that’s coming to his Battlegrounds.

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Greene said the following in an interview withPolygonat E3 last week:

“We’re still only talking about it, but they will be player-controlled zombies… by default you won’t be able to pick up anything. We’re talking about having some interesting sound design for zombies, so you can hear things better. Maybe you can see footsteps. We’re looking for the kind of stuff that will make the zombies interesting to play as. And they’re fast zombies — World War Z zombies, that type. I want people to see the zombies and run, not think to themselves, ‘Oh, I can fight these guys.’ It should be like, ‘Oh fuck.’”

There’s some overlap between battle royale-style shooters like PUBG and zombie survival shooters like DayZ and H1Z1, so it’ll be welcome news to fans that the hottest such game of the moment is getting a zombies mode. It doesn’t have a release date as yet, however, and is just one of many additions due in PUBG as developers Bluehole expand in the wake of the game’s extraordinary success.

Besides new weapons and regular balancing passes, players will soon be able to scale terrain and vault through windows, and a full 3D replay system is also due to be added.Two new maps are also planned.

Update June 14, 2017:Recently some Twitch streamers got together, gathered up their fans, and waded into a custom game in PUBG. The rules were simple: there were a handful of players with guns, but the majority of the server could only use melee weapons and behave as zombies. You can see it above.

The mode looks fun and the idea of it was popular enough for developers Bluehole to be inspired by it. Now there’s an official Zombies mode coming to the shooter.

Here’s a teaser:

Zombies will be completely player-controlled, so it’ll still retain the PvP essence of PUBG, only with the fear cranked up to 11. We have no idea when the mode will be released, however, since polish and optimisation come first.

Hopefully we can all vault walls before the zombies arrive, then. Of course, the base game will remain the same – this will be an optional mode. Perhaps it will release after the much-anticipated first-person-only mode.

Original Story May 23, 2017: Custom games are here in PUBG and the community is making the most of it by setting up scenarios that change the feel of the game completely. Perhaps the most exciting is the so-called Zombie Mode, in which 96 players take on a squad of four.

The rules are simple: the ‘zombies’ can’t equip anything other than a melee weapon and they can only run full-pelt at the survivors. Watching almost 100 enemy players crest over a distance hill, baying for your blood looks terrifying. Luckily, you have guns to try and keep the horde at distance.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a pain setting a game up since you need so many players. Not only that, but good luck arguing your case to be one of the survivors. Still, the mode is a stark contrast to traditional PUBG, in which most games are peaceful treks across the countryside punctuated with sudden violence.

With PUBG being born from a mod itself, perhaps the game’s creator, PlayerUnknown, will add it in as an official mode one day. For now, check out the video of it in action above.

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