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Prey, the iconic FPS game from 2006, gets a full HD overhaul

Prey, the classic 2006 FPS game and namesake for the Bethesda and Arkane spiritual successor, has a full HD overhaul available to play right now.

Prey, the iconic FPS game from 2006, gets a full HD overhaul: A demon with horns and glowing eyes in classic FPS game Prey

They don’t make them like Prey anymore. From the same era of classic PC FPS games like Doom 3, Half-Life 2, and FEAR, we’ve long lamented the cancellation of Prey 2, and been hoping for a return of Tommy Tawodi and the nefarious Keepers. The 2017 spiritual successor from Bethesda and Arkane helped soothe the pain, but with Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake still going strong thanks to sequels and re-releases, it feels like Prey has been left by the wayside of shooter history. So, be thankful for Prey Hi-Def, a newly updated mod project which gives a full HD overhaul to the Human Head shooter, and is available to download right now.

From high-poly character models to 4K textures and greater shadow and lighting detail, Prey Hi-Def makes the 2006 cult classic look almost like it was released today. That chunky, plastic-looking id Tech 4 is pushed to its limits here – if you’ve got a nostalgic soft spot for early ‘00s PC visuals, Prey Hi-Def does a fantastic job of maintaining the overall aesthetic, but with a much-needed hi-res punch up. You can see it in action below:

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Will there ever be another Prey game? With Arkane wrapping up Redfall and Bethesda heading towards the now-confirmed Starfield release date, it’s hard to imagine a return of either Tommy or Morgan Wu from the 2017 namesake any time soon. But we can always hope, and in the meantime, you can get Prey Hi-Def right here.

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