Here’s exactly what time you can play Prey on May 5

Prey silenced pistol

Update 04 May, 2017: It seems that some users have managed to activate Prey early via the use of a VPN. Those who have were treated to an early bug which was patched out pretty quickly, causing some rather entertaining audio issues.

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According to a post on Reddit, an early patch was just applied via Steam to add 1.5GB of voice acting, which was apparently missing at launch. Fortunately, players can now hear dialogue and read subtitles, which were unexpectedly absent at first.

Original Story 27 April, 2017:You’ll be able to pre-load Prey on PC from May 3, but you might be wondering exactly when you can skulk through the Talos-1 space station, constantly worried that a cup might turn sentient and try eat your face. We’ve got your back.

Prey is set for release on May 5, and it’ll be playable at exactly midnight ET. Here’s what time that works out at for everyone else:

  • 00:00 ET
  • 04:00 UTC
  • 05:00 BST
  • 06:00 CEST
  • 09:30 IST
  • 14:00 AEST

So there you have it. Not long now until an inky shadow tries to suck your brains out of your mouth. The Prey system requirements are at that link.

Unfortunately, it looks like there won’t be a Prey PC demo, despite console getting one a week prior to launch.