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PES PC ports have been poor because console sales have “kept us alive”

Luis Suarez

The reason Pro Evolution Soccer’s PC versions are worse than their console equivalents is that Konami have to channel their resources towards their “core fanbase.”

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Pro Evolution Soccer on PC has lagged behind the game’s console version for years, due to Konami having to improve the game for its core markets, who currently exist primarily on Xbox One and PS4. That should be a thing of the past, though, as Konami say that this year’s PES PC port is “the highest standard.”

Adam Bhatti, the global product and brand manager for PES, says, “It’s only been three games where [PC and console versions] haven’t been on the same level. I say only – obviously fans don’t feel like that. I think it’s just a case of adapting and finding the resource to adapt the PC version into a way where we could have it on a par, if not better.”

Some of the reasons for the recent dip in quality stems from the demands of the game’s FOX engine. Bhatti says, “So every year, we’re doing a lot of resource onto working on FOX, adapting on FOX. What we needed was time to have another another team going away and working on PC. And the reason we didn’t get round to that as quickly as we would have liked is that as a smaller team we really do have to focus on the priorities and work through.”

He adds that PC remains “a priority for us,” but that Konami can’t risk alienating its console players. “In terms of resource, the majority of fans and sales are coming from consoles, so to neglect the quality on PS4 and Xbox One could have huge implications on PES, which is really built on that core fanbase and where are fans are playing mostly, we need to make sure that they were satisfied, because they’re what’s really kept us alive.”

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018’s demo arrives next week, ahead of its release on September 12 in the US and September 14 in Europe and Australia. It’ll feature David Beckham as a PES 2018 Legend.