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Beloved ‘90s style Steam FPS game is back, and better than ever

Prodeus The Elder Veil brings a grappling hook and stunning heavenly architecture to one of the best retro FPS games on Steam, with new weapons and enemies.

Prodeus The Elder Veil brings back the '90s style FPS even better - A group of angelic figures in a hall made of marble and gold.

Prodeus The Elder Veil sees the return of one of the best throwback boomer shooters on Steam in a mini add-on campaign featuring stunning levels filled with all manner of nefarious monsters, new weapons to help you blast your way through the hordes, and a Doom Eternal style grappling hook. Infusing its retro ‘90s FPS aesthetic with some of the most gorgeous architecture I’ve seen in a while, Prodeus is back and better than ever.

Prodeus certainly isn’t alone in the boomer shooter category on Steam these days – there are plenty of great throwbacks to the best FPS games of the ‘90s. But where Prodeus really shines is its blending of modern quality and feel with, in developer Bounding Box’s own words, “retro aesthetics and gameplay that invoke the tech-imposed limits of older hardware.” The resulting effect is one of the most visually arresting throwback shooters I’ve played in recent years, and new DLC Prodeus The Elder Veil takes that to the next level.

The reveal trailer is reminiscent of ascending to the heavens in a Diablo game; towering marble corridors and broken statues evoking classical architecture make way for stunning hallways and amphitheaters adorned in red fabrics and golden detailing. Chained by angelic figures, you pull out a golden, spear-tipped chain and grapple yourself to your lead captor, demolishing them and setting about your business.

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The striking look of Prodeus The Elder Veil could almost lead you to believe you’re looking at an entirely different game from the original campaign – at least until that iconic HUD shows up halfway through the trailer. The actual implementation of the grappling hook and the new weapons, meanwhile, has me very excited to take down the creatures of The Elder Veil in style when this DLC campaign launches.

Prodeus The Elder Veil is ‘coming soon’ to Steam and the Windows store, alongside consoles. You can head to the Prodeus page on Steam to keep track of when it arrives, or pick up the base game for yourself – if you’ve yet to play it, it’s a fantastic time. You can also play it via Microsoft’s Game Pass service, although you’ll likely have to buy the DLC separately when it releases.

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