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When The Finals beta wraps, try out this new Apex Legends lookalike

If you're battling The Finals sever issues or are looking for something new to play when the beta ends, I have a new FPS game for you.

When The Finals beta wraps, try out this new Apex Legends lookalike: A group of four heroes in futuristic gear run away from a huge purple tornado that sparks lightning

I, for one, am absolutely loving The Finals. The colorful, high-octane combat has me by the collar, and I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do with myself when the beta actually closes. Well, that’s not quite true anymore. Enter Tencent’s new shooter, codenamed ‘Project RS,’ whose beta is set to kick off right as The Finals’ test closes.

With The Finals open beta end time set for Sunday, November 5, there’s about to be a huge multiplayer FPS game void in all of our Steam libraries. Project RS is here to fill it, seemingly blending the futuristic art style of The Finals with the combat of the popular Hypixel Bed Wars Minecraft server, as well as the omnipresent storm mechanic of Fortnite.

While the details are pretty slim, PCGamesN spotted a now-deleted video on Chinese steaming website Bilibili. According to an external translation provided to PCGamesN, four teams are pitted against one another to battle it out for storm cores, which are no doubt related to the huge purple tornadoes we’ve seen in leaked videos.

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“Each round, a dynamic changing path will appear in the map towards the storm core. Collect the core and get back to deposit it at your faction base,” the translation reads. “You can also steal from the opponent faction. Before each round ends, there will be a countdown timer. The team with the least cores will be eliminated. The eliminated faction will explode and will pop out all the cores. Players can take this opportunity to gather the cores and take the lead. Players can store up to 15 cores in their faction.”

At first glance, things feel a little reminiscent of Fortnite – especially given that the core of the game revolves around, well, a storm. However, according to a document calling for playtesters, the game’s core mechanics include “unique universe gear,” which “will bestow powerful skills upon you.” So, things feel a little more hardcore than Fortnite while still retaining that cartoon-ish feel.

An image showing the description of an upcoming shooter game called Project RS

Sound like your cup of tea? Tencent’s Project RS beta will run from Friday, November 3 until Tuesday, November 7, with participation on November 3 being mandatory. You will need to be free to attend another two days (three in total) to be considered. Note that this beta is for North America and LATAM (Latin America) only.

It’s also set to run on mid-tier rigs, meaning you won’t have to splash out on one of the best graphics cards in order to play. As you can see in the sign-up form, you’ll need an Nvidia GTX 1060 or better, as well as a minimum of 16GB of RAM. If you meet all of those requirements, you can sign up for your chance to play here.

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