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Best The Finals weapons and guns, ranked

While your objective may be to grab as much cash as you can, we've ranked the best The Finals weapons so you can destroy the opposition.

Best The Finals weapons: a groupd of powerful wearpons grouned together on top of a slightly blurred purple background.

What are the best The Finals weapons? Grab the cash, bank the cash, and get out of Dodge – that’s the plan. A lot easier said than done, though, especially when you factor in the other squads trying to do the same. While your objective in The Finals may be centered around banking money, there is always the inevitable threat of a fight, and when it does kick off, it pays to know the best The Finals weapons so you always come out on top.

In The Finals, there are a few different plays to achieve complete dominance: prioritize taking out the opposite team, head straight for the cash, or just utterly destroy the paths and buildings around the vault. One thing that you’ll always need to succeed, though, is a powerful weapon or two. From our experience playing the FPS game, we have compiled a list of the best weapons, a lot of which find themselves in our best The Finals loadouts guide.

The Finals best weapons ranked

You’re gated to which weapon you can use by your The Finals class, but there are standouts for each class which make them clear choices if you value kills over everything else.

Here are the top six weapons in The Finals:

  • V9S
  • CL-40
  • FCAR
  • SR-84
  • XP-54
  • SA1216

The Finals best weapons: a black pistol with a silencer.

1. V9S

What looks to be a simple pistol is one of the most powerful weapons for the light class. The V9S has zero recoil and can be fired extremely quickly – able to take down any class with surprising efficiency. The only drawback to the V9S is its lack of range, but you can utilize the speed of the light class to close the distance to your target easily. The V9S costs 600 VRs to unlock and is available for the light class. Season 2 introduced the 93R handgun, but we still think the V9S offers more control and rewards those players with consistent aim.

The Finals best weapons: a large pump action type weapon capable of firing grenades.

2. CL-40

Not only can the CL-40 decimate your enemies with its grenades, but the pump-action launcher can also ruin buildings with surprising efficiency. Assaulting a squad camped at an objective is easy when you can create an entrance wherever you like. The CL-40 costs 600 VRs to unlock and is available for the medium class.

The Finals best weapons: a black assault rifle weapon with yellow writing.


A much heavier option than the AKM, the FCAR has a much higher damage-to-bullet ratio, but this comes at the expense of much more kick when you fire your weapon. This AR comes with a holo sight, meaning you’ll be able to hit targets at a distance more reliably — just make sure you’re firing in bursts, as the full-auto fire can get out of control fast. The FCAR costs 600 VRs to unlock and is available for the medium class.

The Finals best weapons: a long black sniper rifle with yellow writing near the barrel.

4. SR-84

A classic bolt-action sniper rifle, the SR-84 deals incredible damage and has hitscan-like bullet velocity. It’ll take a few rounds to take down a heavy, but you can eliminate a light player with a single headshot. The lack of idle aiming sway means that you can camp the objective with ease. The SR-84 is unlocked by default and is available for the light class.

The Finals best weapons: a compant gun with a long curved magazine.

5. XP-54

An FPS game classic, the XP-54 is a highly adaptable SMG that boasts impressive recoil control and excellent damage up close. Whether you’re putting the enemy to the sword or protecting the objective, there aren’t many weapons more reliable than this. The XP-54 costs 600 VRs to unlock and is available for the light class.

The Finals best weapons: a chunky black weapon with a large thick magazine.

6. SA1216

A brutal semi-automatic shotgun, the SA1216 is the perfect accompaniment to those who wish to defend or attack, as the fire rate and sheer damage can clear rooms in an instant. The SA1216 costs 600 VRs to unlock and is available for the heavy class.

Every The Finals weapon

Each class in The Finals has access to a different set of weaponry. These generally stick to type, with the light class utilizing guns with more finesse, while the heavy will rely on tools that offer the most destruction.

Here is every weapon in The Finals:


  • 93R
  • Dagger
  • LH1
  • M11
  • SH1900
  • SR-84
  • Sword
  • V9S
  • XP-54


  • AKM
  • CL-40
  • FCAR
  • Model 1887
  • R 357
  • Repeater
  • Riot Shield


  • Flamethrower
  • KS-23
  • Lewis Gun
  • M60
  • MGL32
  • SA1216
  • Sledgehammer

Now you know the best The Finals weapons, gear up, grab your best squad, and destroy the opposition. If you’ve yet to try your hand in the arena, check out The Finals system requirements so you know your PC is up to the task, and whether The Finals has crossplay so you know who to invite.