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Now’s your chance to play this electrifying boomer shooter for free

Project Warlock 2 is running an open playtest for Reworked Chapter 1, and anyone with a Steam account can download it and try it out until April 22.

Swords, shotguns, skeletons, and lots of bright and crunchy pixels – that’s Project Warlock 2, which has been working its way through early access on Steam for the past two years. Now that it’s had the chance to marinate a bit (and by that, we mean take in a lot of player feedback), developer Buckshot Software is opening Project Warlock 2 up to the general gaming public with a free open playtest.

Project Warlock 2 is a retro FPS game that mixes the usual shotguns and assault rifles normally found in shooters with the demons, swords, and magic that are usually associated with RPGs. It’s fast-paced and bloody, with a deliberately throwback visual style that features big pixels and a bright color palette.

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The free playtest features the first “reworked” chapter of Project Warlock 2. The developers explain that this is the rebuilt version that incorporates the feedback they’ve collected during Project Warlock 2’s stint in early access. Practically speaking, that means completely overhauled systems for upgrades, perks, and skills; new weapons with unique alt-fire modes; and major alterations to magical skills and weapon enchantments.

As part of the Steam FPS Fest, both Project Warlock 2 and the original Project Warlock are available at steep discounts. Project Warlock is 80% off (just $2.40 / £2.00) and Project Warlock 2 is 33% off ($11.38 / £9.03).

To participate in the playtest, just head to the Project Warlock 2 Steam page and click the “Request Access” button. You’ll be able to play through Chapter 1 until April 22.

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