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Huge Psychonauts 2 discount leads Double Fine Steam sale

Top modern 3D platformer Psychonauts 2 gets a huge discount in a Double Fine Steam sale packed with deals on Brutal Legend, Costume Quest, Stacking, and more.

Psychonauts 2 discount leads Double Fine Steam sale - Raz looks on in wide-eyed awe as he floats down into Psychonauts HQ

If you haven’t yet given Psychonauts 2 a shot, a big Double Fine Steam sale presents the perfect opportunity to play one of the best platform games of the modern era without breaking the bank. There’s also big deals on plenty more of the iconic publisher’s back catalogue, including the likes of the Jack Black-fronted Brütal Legend, cutesy mini-RPG Costume Quest, Broken Age, Stacking, and Iron Brigade.

Whether you’ve played the first game or not, Psychonauts 2 is, for my money, a near-essential example of the genre at its best. Every level is distinctive, bright, colourful, and packed with unique ideas that don’t outstay their welcome. Raz’s second full outing does enough filling-in that it’s not essential you play the original 2005 game, or VR interlude Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, and at 66% off ($20.39 / £18.69) .

If you’d rather prepare for the sequel you can do, however – I played the original Psychonauts for the first time just last year, and was surprised how well it held up for a game that’s nearly two decades old. It’s also a whopping 80% off at just $1.99 / £1.39, while Rhombus of Ruin (which does require a VR headset to play) gets a matching 80% discount to drop it down to $3.99 / £3.09.

Meanwhile, if you missed out on Tim Schafer and co’s stellar point-and-click adventure game Broken Age at the time, it’s certainly worth trying. At an even bigger 85% discount, you’ll get far more than $2.24 / £1.70 worth from a trek through the adventure of Shay and Vella, which includes a voice cast featuring Elijah Wood, Masasa Moyo, and Jack Black among several other big names.

Double Fine Steam sale - Vella and Shay, the two protagonists of Broken Age, sit down to rest

If you’re looking for more Jack Black following his starring spot as Bowser in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, you won’t have to go far. Double Fine’s 2009 epic action-adventure game Brütal Legend puts Black in the leading role as Eddie Riggs, a roadie who finds himself transported to a fantasy land based on artwork from iconic heavy metal album covers.

Metal fans will instantly recognise the iconic voices of Lemmy Kilmister, Rob Halford, Ozzy Osbourne, and more among the cast alongside its pumping soundtrack with over 100 songs taken from all across the metal spectrum. That alone makes it more than worth the $4.49 / £3.29 asking price (that’s 70% off, if you’re keeping track).

Elsewhere, there’s 70% off numerous games including the likes of adorable Halloween-themed RPG game Costume Quest ($2.99 / £2.09), surreal Matryoshka puzzler Stacking ($2.99 / £2.09), mech tower defence game and salute simulator Iron Brigade ($4.49 / £3.29), bloodline-forging turn-based strategy game Massive Chalice ($5.99 / £4.49), and even more besides that.

Double Fine Steam sale - Ozzy Osbourne raises a finger to Jack Black's Eddie Riggs in Brutal Legend

Double Fine Steam sale

The Double Fine Steam sale is live now. Most of the deals end on May 4, but some are set to only last until April 23, so you’ll want to check in fast to make sure you don’t miss out on any discounts.

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