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Grab 7 of the best boomer shooters on PC for just $18 right now

Seven of the best boomer shooter games on PC are available right now through a mega sale from beloved digital storefront Humble Bundle.

‘Boomer shooters’ is a new moniker for a retro style of first-person shooter game, one that harkens back to the ’90s, typically with vintage graphics and stylization from that era, or just straight up an FPS from that period. While this genre wasn’t formally recognized until recently, digital gaming storefronts are now acknowledging the genre for the first time, and offering big deals for those looking for a blast from the past. Now, we have one of the best, and first, boomer shooter sales that won’t break the bank.

FPS games are some of the most popular games on all of Steam. It’s difficult to track the history of Steam without noting some of the popular retro shooters the platform has allowed players to play from the early days of PC gaming. With many players looking for a nostalgic experience that will bring them back to the first-person shooter titles of their childhood such as Quake 2, there’s been a modern resurgence of the genre.

Steam recently officially recognized the boomer shooter genre as a new classification for retro-style shooting games. Now that the genre is generating more buzz with this official description being added, Humble has created a sale of seven of the more popular games in the category for those looking to blast away some enemies.

The Back with a Vengence: The Best of Boomer Shooters bundle includes the following games: Ultrakill, Turbo Overkill, Forgive Me Father 2, Deadlink, Prodeus, Quake 2, and Postal Brain Damaged – Connoisseur Edition. Every game in this bundle has over a 90% rating on Steam, with several at the ‘overwhelmingly positive’ mark for an incredible score over 95% overall.

The titles that stand out from this collection include Prodeus, which is a reimagining of the ’90s style of shooter but introduces futuristic weaponry and polished visuals to give it a modern flare and a truly unique visual design.

Quake 2 is a remastered version of the ’90s classic, which now supports 4K and widescreen resolution, enhanced character models, improved animations, dynamic lighting, anti-aliasing, and much more. In a world of remasters and remakes, Quake 2’s remaster is one of the more quality ones available on Steam.

You can grab the Back with a Vengence: The Best of Boomer Shooters bundle for $18/£14.28 over at the Humble store.

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