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Raft Varuna Point walkthrough

In this Raft Varuna Point walkthrough, we’ll help you find the Crane Key, the Motherlode Key, all the spotlight parts, and defeat the Rhino Shark

Raft Varuna Point walkthrough: the two sides of Varuna Point from the water, with a pink hue to the sky

Our Raft Varuna Point walkthrough takes you through the sixth story location in this open-water survival game. Varuna Point consists of two half-sunken tower ruins plus a massive crane, but since you’ll be spending most of your time underwater, it’s best to visit this island equipped with an Oxygen Bottle, a pair of Flippers, and some Spicy Pineberry drinks, courtesy of a Raft juicer.

Another essential item in this Raft Varuna Point walkthrough is the Zipline Tool, but you can leave it on the raft until you’ve completed the underwater part of this island. Finally, since Varuna Point is home to a rather aggressive Rhino Shark and a bunch of Anglerfishes, there’s no such thing as bringing too much Healing Salve.

Once you find Varuna Point, park your raft – hopefully with a recycler on board – next to the larger tower with the crane. Two sides of the tower have a staircase, so try to drop your anchor next to one of them, but don’t climb up the crane yet, because you can’t use it without the Crane Key. The first port of call is to explore the underwater area between the two ruins.

Raft Varuna Point walkthrough: Looking down on the spotlights with jellyfish in the water

Varuna Point part one: Spotlight Parts and Motherlode Key

Swim through the opening directly beneath the lamp. It’s guarded by jellyfish, but they’ll swim away whenever the lamp switches on. Your task here is to find the four Spotlight Parts, which can be found in the following locations:

  • Directly after entering the sunken tower, the two doors (one to the left and one to the right) will lead you to one Spotlight Part each.
  • Go through the elevator opening, swim one level up, and then take the door to the left (end of the hallway) for the third Spotlight Part.
  • Starting from the hallway next to the elevator, swim towards the surface, then go one floor higher and take the door to your left. This will lead you to the fourth and final Spotlight Part.

With the Spotlight Parts in your pocket, go back the way you came in and repair the spotlight aimed at the underwater tunnel. The jellyfish will swim away, so you’re now free to enter.

There’s only one way to go from here, so follow the underwater tunnel until you reach the surface again, then walk to the other side of the room. The place is littered with spiked boobytraps, so watch out for those. Keep going until you find a desk containing the Motherlode Key and the Advanced Headlight blueprint.

Raft Varuna Point walkthrough: The desk where you'll find the Motherlode Key

Varuna Point part two: Rhino Shark boss fight

After leaving the building, you’ll find yourself just above the tunnel that you went through earlier. Stay on this side of the building and go further down to find another opening. Use the Motherlode Key to unlock the door. When you reach the lower tunnel, the Rhino Shark boss will break through the wall on the other side.

It’s no use trying to fight him directly. Instead, you need to bait the Rhino Shark into ramming the large pillars. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Floor one: swim next to a pillar and hide behind it when the Rhino Shark initiates his attack. This will crack the pillar. Then pick up an explosive barrel from the floor below, and place it in the damaged part. Bait the Rhino Shark into ramming the pillar again.
  • Floor two: the explosives created an opening to the next floor. Go there and bait the Rhino Shark into hitting the same pillar twice, then place a barrel again.
  • Floor three: do the same thing again, but this time, it’ll take three hits until the pillar is damaged enough to hold an explosive barrel.

Once this is complete, the Rhino Shark boss will be defeated.

Raft Varuna Point walkthrough: The room where you'll find the coordinates for Temperance

Varuna Point part three: Crane Key and Varuna Point code

When the Rhino Shark is defeated, swim up to the next floor. You will find a Wind Turbine blueprint and the Crane Key. Follow the route towards the exit, then go back to the larger tower. Hopefully you like parkour, because your next task is to climb all the way up to the crane’s cabin. Be sure not to miss the Electric Grill blueprint, which is located next to an old radio installation one level above the crane cabin.

Use the Crane Key to hurl a massive boulder through the smaller tower’s roof, then jump after it with your zipline. Not the most subtle entrance, but you’ll be rewarded with the Advanced Battery blueprint and the Varuna Point code. Drop to the lower floor to find them.

Best of luck on your upcoming polar expedition! If you need help finding your way around the next location, make sure you use our Raft Temperance walkthrough.