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Snag this underrated open-world FPS as a free game with Amazon Prime

You can download and keep Rage 2 as a free game for a limited time if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, so get the FPS while you can.

Rage 2 free game: a punk looking person in a desert

You can get Rage 2 as a free game if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber for a limited time, as the id Software and Avalanche Studios open-world FPS is a lot better than you might remember. With all the game’s DLC packaged in, and you being able to keep the game forever, it’s 100% worth a shot

I’m a really big fan of Rage 2, and the first game especially. These games didn’t rewrite any playbooks, sure, but they’re well-designed shooter fun. Between the Mad Max aesthetic and the ability to drive around everywhere, it brings something a little different to the ever-expanding open-world space, and benefits from it.

One major complaint from players has been having to buy in-game Rage coins (I know, right?) with money for the DLC, but the Deluxe Edition already comes with everything, so you don’t need to worry about it. That’s the Rise of the Ghosts expansions alongside some other key goodies, like the Doom BFG.

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Rage 2 also has great gunplay, and in a post-apocalyptic FPS game that’s what you’re here for, really. If you’ve got an Amazon Prime subscription and want to try your hand at a shooter you’ve missed out on, amid the disappointing MW3 campaign and a sea of other gun games, Rage 2 might just be for you.

You can nab Rage 2 for free as part of your Amazon Prime subscription up until Saturday, December 2. Once claimed, Rage 2 will be yours to keep on your Epic Games Store account forever.

If you’re thinking about how your rig stacks up to 2019’s Rage 2, we’ve got the Rage 2 system requirements so you can make an informed judgment before you download it and it takes up all those precious GBs.

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