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You can sign up to play Rainbow Six Quarantine early

There's no release date yet, but at some point, you'll be able to dive into Quarantine ahead of everyone else

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Rainbow Six Quarantine was announced during E3 last week, and while we don’t know exactly when it’s set to release officially, it looks as though you might be able to play early. Registering to learn more about the game on its official website gives you the chance to get some early access.

The game’s website is currently relatively sparse, offering you little more than the ability to watch the trailer that was shown off as part of that E3 announcement. Scroll down, however, and there’s the option to register for updates “and the chance to play early.”

“Tell us which platform you play on to receive custom updates and a chance to play Rainbow Six early,” the helpful text below reads. There’s then a choice of PC, PS4, or Xbox One, and selecting one will take you to a sign-in page that’ll let you register via Uplay. Sadly, there’s no official word on how ‘early’ that opportunity will be just yet.

At the moment, we don’t even have a Rainbow Six Quarantine release date, although we do know that the game is set to launch in “early 2020,” as one of the three triple-A games that Ubisoft has set to launch by the end of the financial year. With that in mind, expect some testing to take place towards the end of this calendar year, or ahead of the full release in 2020.

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For now though, we’ll just have to be patient, and rely on the snippets of information we already have to try and find out more about the game. Some hints suggest we could be in for a roguelike experience, but beyond a few characters, exactly who we’ll be playing as (and what we’ll be achieving) remains to be seen.