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Rainbow Six Quarantine is a 3-player PvE co-op game, due in early 2020

Rainbow Six Quarantine is an all-new Rainbow Six game, built on the foundations of Siege. It’s a three-player tactical co-op game due in early 2020. Ubisoft revealed the skin-crawling player vs environment game at their E3 2019 keynote address along with a teaser trailer, which you watch in full further down this article.

The footage doesn’t show any gameplay, but it’s certainly at least thematically linked to the popular limited-time mode, Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak. In it we get a first person view of a man seemingly infected by a type of virus as soldiers attempt to rescue him. Ubisoft said during the conference that, in the game’s world, an “unknown and devastating parasite” has taken over.

Presumably, then, you’ll be aiming to survive against zombie-like enemies in 3-player co-op teams. And, since it’s built on the Siege engine, expect the tight, precise shooting that has contributed to the multiplayer game’s impressive longevity. Ubi certainly laid down a marker in their reveal: they said that “what Siege is to PvP, Quarantine will be to PvE co-op”. Strong words, indeed.

Interestingly, Ela from Siege features in the trailer, but we don’t yet know which and how many other Rainbow Six Siege operators will appear. Regardless, if Quarantine resembles Outbreak in its core gameplay, expect coordinated teamwork to be essential.

We already had an idea that something like Rainbow Six Quarantine would be at E3, as a result of reveals by Kotaku news editor, Jason Schreier on the Splitscreen podcast. The genus of the project is, however, rumoured to lie in Ubisoft Pioneer, a space title that reportedly was once a non-violent game based on interstellar exploration, but then became a coop multiplayer alien shooter.

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The reports and the official reveal of a PvE answer to Ubi’s world-conquering FPS aren’t really surprising. Outbreak was surprisingly deep and well-designed for a limited-time mode, so much so many players were shocked when it left the game for good – the Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak stats reveal that players killed 4.5 billion zombies. With those numbers, we’re actually beginning to fear for the poor infected of Quarantine.