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Rainbow Six Siege players blast new membership announcement

Rainbow Six Siege's Operation New Blood was finally revealed, bringing tons of changes to the FPS. The only problem is that everybody hates it.

Rainbow Six Siege has been one of Ubisoft’s most significant titles for nearly a decade now. The first-person shooter has been the platform for tons of innovation in the online shooter drama for casual players and the competitive scene and has thrived for years now. Despite this, the developers at Ubisoft couldn’t pull a fast one over their fanbase’s heads with the new battlepass membership system that was announced with the reveal of Operation New Blood.

Few words are more despised in gaming than ‘battle pass’. The term has become universally despised by players, as these membership systems are often a way for publishers to extract every last dollar from their player base for minor content drops for playing online or live service games. These membership systems often release content that cannot be obtained in the future, pushing a ‘fomo’ (fear of missing out) tactic to get players to put down cash now so they don’t miss out.

During the BLAST R6 Major Manchester 2024 event for Rainbow Six Siege, fans of the FPS game gathered around to watch the announcement of the new Membership system that will launch with Operation New Blood.

The live reaction of fans was caught by Royza Gaming. Simply put, Rainbow Six Siege players were not happy one bit. The crowd reacted to the announcement with a flurry of boos which nearly drowned out the video. The new membership system involves paying for a monthly service that gives players access to the Premium Battle Pass and other smaller bits of content and a 10% shop discount (yippee).

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It’s rare that fans of a specific game can voice their disdain for an announcement at a live event. Royza captured a unique moment where Siege fans could hear their frustrations loud and clear. Hopefully, for them, Ubisoft is listening.

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