Clash and deployable shields are back in Rainbow Six Siege

In an attempt to address a long-running glitch, Ubisoft had been forced to disable several features for a lengthy fix

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July 2, 2019 Clash and deployable shields are fixed and back in Rainbow Six Siege.

Nearly two months ago, a set of Rainbow Six Siege exploits saw Clash disabled and deployable shields temporarily removed from the game. Now, after a lengthy period in exploit timeout, both elements of the game are once again live – which hopefully means that the Siege shield glitch is finally stamped out once and for all.

The fixes went out on the TTS last week (along with some rare test server rewards), and Ubisoft seems happy with how things have gone. “Given the results of our recent tests on the Test Server,” the devs say on Reddit, “we’ve decided to activate the fixes on the live servers and re-enable Deployable Shields and Clash. This means deployable shield ammo count will be set back to 1 and Clash will be available in operator select.”

Of course, there could always be further problems, and Ubisoft says “we’ll be closely monitoring the situation and may deactivate them once again if any issues arise.”


Back when Clash and the shields were disabled, the studio said “these combined issues touch on core systems of the game, and will therefore take longer than we consider acceptable to address” – hence why we’ve been waiting so long for the fixes.

Ubisoft said that these issues have “highlighted the importance of reactivity on our part, and the need to act more quickly on issues of this magnitude. As such, our team will develop a more thorough outline for how we should respond to these situations moving forward, with the ultimate goal of improved reaction speed.”

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Today, the Rainbow Six Siege Showdown mode brings some Wild West flavour to the game, complete with appropriate cowboy aesthetics and a new map to battle it out on.