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Rainbow Six Siege operators could get two or three more elite skins

Alexander Karpazis has answered some players' questions

Rainbow Six Siege

It looks like some operators in Rainbow Six Siege could be getting two or even three elite skins. Developer Ubisoft has been answering some players’ questions, from whether Rainbow Six will see dual pistols in the future or even include canine operators. One player asked about whether operators might one day get second elite skins – and it looks like the answer could potentially be yes.

Presentation director at Ubisoft Montréal, Alexander Karpazis, answered a player’s question on the topic in a Wired YouTube video. The player asked if second elite skins for operators were a possibly given that front-line attacker Ash previously got two (the Sidewinder and Outbreak skins, which you can check out on Reddit side-by-side here). He wondered whether, for example, Bandit or Smoke might see an extra uniform. Karpazis answered, “That’s a really good question. Someone’s been paying attention – and why stop there?”

He continued, “Why only two elite uniforms? Why not three? We’ll see.” And that was it. Now, that sounds like a pretty exciting answer.

While it’s far from a confirmation, it does seem to be a bit of a hint that players could see some extra elite skins headed to the game at some point. There’s no other information or detail on what these could be, when they could arrive in-game, or who the lucky operator recipients might be if this is indeed a hint, at the moment – looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.

On outfits that are already in the game, though, Karpazis has some more to say – he recently appeared in an Ars Technica video to have a look at some Rainbow Six outfits and loadouts players sent in, and had some very nice feedback to offer. The awesome Ela build with “Twitch Prime purple hair” is a highlight.