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New Rainbow Six Siege patch fixes a major IQ exploit

The latest update removes a game-breaking bug that used IQ's gadget and claymore to sink into level geometry.

Rainbow Six Siege players discovered an exploit last week that let IQ to sink into the floor and slide around. The exploit was fairly game-breaking, but fortunately, Ubisoft has deployed a patch that seems to address the issue, at least on PC.

Several tutorial videos have appeared that demonstrate how to use the exploit, which involves using IQ’s claymore, gadget, and drone in a specific sequence to gain the sliding ability, and then using her rappel rope to drop into the floor. There were several steps that needed to be completed in order to make the glitch work, but it was simple enough to be replicated by anyone with a bit of practice.

The patch is out only on PC at the moment. Ubisoft says the earliest it can publish the update on consoles will be Thursday, June 27, and until then IQ will be unavailable on consoles.

Ubisoft says with the new patch in place, it hasn’t been able to reproduce the exploit internally. However, if PC players are still able to trigger the exploit, IQ will be removed from the operator selection screen for PC as well.

Here’s a clip showing the IQ exploit in action:

Be sure to ban IQ in your next ranked match 🙂 from r/Rainbow6

Obviously, being able to slide around a level like a gun-toting human skateboard is an absurd advantage, and it’s good to see that Ubisoft has acted swiftly to address the exploit.

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The Y4S2.1 update addresses a raft of other minor issues, such as another exploit that let players remove weapon recoil and a few problems with the Kafe, Coastline, House, and Skyscraper maps.